The Five Best Assassin's Creed Games of All Time

The series has been going over 10 years with numerous titles spawned. But what are the best games from Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed series?

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Elda107d ago

Imo BF was the worst out of that choice.

affrogamer107d ago

lol BF is the 2nd best after AC II for me personally

Skull521107d ago

AC1. The free running had never been like that before, it was absolutely amazing to behold. No sequel has ever captured that magic of the first, it's just been more of the same ever since.

Lord_Sloth106d ago

No sequel ever had the constant freezing of the 1st either. I loved AC1 when it came out but it is the worst of the franchise.

ClayRules2012107d ago

I hated the pirate ship battles in BF. I just sucked at them & it took me 6 hours on one of the battles (against one ship) lol. I don’t have a favorite tho.

Elda107d ago

My main reason I disliked BF is because it seemed it focused much more at sea battle than land,which was such a turn off to me.

Soy107d ago

5. Rogue
4. Syndicate
3. Origins
2. 2
1. 4: BF
For those who don't wanna click through the pages.

raWfodog107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

You're the real MVP :) Good looking out.

BF was definitely my favorite but, admittedly, I haven't played Rogue, Syndicate, or Origins (yet). I'm just a sucker for a good pirate game.

CitizenFour106d ago

Was really hoping Skull and Bones was going to be more than an online only game.
Wish it was more of a pirate RPG with AC mechanics. Woulda been amazing. Unfortunately that doesn't sound like the case, as you won't be able to get off your ship apart from in your shipyard.

LucasRuinedChildhood107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

I like their list but Brotherhood is arguably better than 2. It's easily better than Rogue.

Soy102d ago

Agreed, while AC1 was the alpha/beta of what they really wanted the franchise to be, 2 was the true finished product, and Brotherhood polished that up without hurting anything else. Brotherhood was the most fun I've had as an assassin.

Magnus107d ago

I would have thrown AC 2 on the number one spot and moved BF to number 2. Ezio is the best Assassin out of the whole franchise.

Casepb107d ago

AC II was my favorite, but I'm thinking now I have to give it to Odyssey.

Darkspadev2107d ago

AC II got me into the series. I hated AC 1

For me I'm loving Odyssey new RPG style makes it feel like the Witcher but Assassin's Creed elements.

Elda107d ago

Imo it feels like Origins.

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