It's Now Harder to Get Wheelspins in Forza Horizon 4

Players logging into Forza Horizon 4 after Thursday's seasonal change may be disappointed to find that Wheelspins will now cost them more Forzathon points.

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InKnight7s8d ago

I can't complain since I am game pass player. I payedthe least possible for such game.

2pacalypsenow8d ago

Same here, I’m still on my 2 months for $2 plan.

InKnight7s8d ago

Why all the disagree?!! Are we insulting anyone or critisizing anything?

I am happy with gamepass and I find it so awesome and one of best services in the entertainment field along with Netflix and can't complain for something like getting a bit harder leveling up in racing games sonce I got it in value of cents.

optimus8d ago

are you new here? you wil find that if you like any service or product by Microsoft you will get automatic disagrees (mostly from the PlayStation folks).

badz1498d ago

you can't praise and diss MS in the same sentence here! you need to praise all or diss all. no middle ground BS.

optimus8d ago (Edited 8d ago )

...but he didn't diss microsoft at all. face it, Microsoft can grant 100 make a wish kids xboxes and a lifetime access to gold and gamepass and people in here will downvote it just because it's become 2nd nature for them to do so.🙄 ....By contrast, sony can announce they use child labor to make PlayStations and pay them with bananas and coconuts and people in here will say "at least it's nutritious food that may be hard for them to get." followed by 100 upvotes. 😄... sad but true.

badz1498d ago


I think he was dissing MS by saying he spent the least money possible for "SUCH" game

optimus8d ago

...well looking at his previous comments we can determine that he is not american and English is not his 1st language, as such something may get lost in translation. but i still don't read that as a diss to Microsoft. saying "...such a game" either means a racing game or a triple A game, both of which indicated he is quite satisfied with gamepass.... it's no different than me buying a 55 inch samsung 4k tv for $100 and saying "i got a great deal for such a tv."... in no way am i saying the tv is a bad tv, but the complete opposite.

Gwiz8d ago

Grind games,that's the way to squeeze money these days.What a BS industry we're in these days.

Jinger8d ago

Unless I'm incorrect here... there are no MT's in Forza Horizon 4 in any capacity.

CaptainCook8d ago

You're right. There's no Micro-transactions in Forza Horizon 4

King_Noctis8d ago

Lmao...learn your fact next time.

blm5048d ago

This is article is similar to the article about water puddles in the Spider-Man game this makes no sense

lptmg8d ago

I don't think I ever paid Forzathon points for wheelspins, the game already god damn showers you with spins as it is

blm5048d ago

Some people never played or even want to play the game but always have a negative opinion

DerekTweed8d ago

Same, this is the first time I'm hearing about this option. I'll have to check it out later.

Not that I don't already get enough spins anyway

shaenoide8d ago

The progression of this game is totaly strange. I looted an S1 car on the first day. I only loot useless cars since. I am overflooded with money (20 millions) completionist aside i have no incentive to continue. I am missing something maybe.

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