Fallout 76 Is a Strangely Lonely Multiplayer Game - IGN

Fallout 76 brings along the quietness of its single-player predecessors, for better and worse.

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HeyNowChillax10d ago

Fallout 4 graphics in a larger world with multiplayer at the cost of VATS. smh.

PixelOmen10d ago

At the cost of VATS, human NPCs, and non-text driven narratives.*

HeyNowChillax10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

What made fallout great? Exploration, story, epic slow-mo VATS kills and building with FO4. Now we're looking at FO4 graphics, multiplayer, larger world without VATS, but are the FPS mechanics tweaked enough to compensate for the loss of VATS? MAYBE they picked up someone from a team like Respawn to fix the very clear issues, but it's doubtful. FPS has always been clunky at best yet forgivable with everything else available. I'm going to wait on this one, every other release has been day one for me.

Seriously, who really loves the gunplay in Fallout without VATS? Think about how those battles will play out with all the clunk'n funk shooting. 4A Games seems to have evolved with Metro Exodus, but time will tell and I'm more convinced with thier next title based on what I've seen so far.

Eidolon9d ago

VATS didn't really exist as you think until Fallout 3, building until Fallout 4. How can you say those are what made Fallout great? Fallout 1 and 2 were awesome without building and "SLOW MO" VATS.

Cobra9519d ago

Fallout 1 and 2 are an entirely different thing. They're from a different developer, in 2D, with much more primitive mechanics. Their focus was entirely something else. Bethesda Fallout began with Fallout 3. Bethesda Fallout has always had VATS.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod9d ago

LOl at story...nothing good about Bethesda's fallouts story or writing.

Eidolon8d ago

If he said Bethesda's Fallout, it'd be different. Also it's not an entirely different game, they did take a lot of the ideas and translated it to first-person.

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Profchaos9d ago

Actually graphically I think 4 is better 76 uses some weird blur effect

sander970210d ago

Said a while back that this is just a way for Bethesda to make money while producing the next real Fallout game and everything I've seen so far confirms that.
Fallout 76 is even the online version that was cut from Fallout 4 and while it's cool that they found a use for it it's pretty scummy to market this as a full game.

yomfweeee10d ago

Oh, you played it? What else can you tell us?

EazyC10d ago

It keeps the Fallout name alive while the new TES comes to the fore. Their attitude is (understandably I guess) that of a corporate machine rather than a group of artists with a vision, which I truly believe Fallout 1, 2, and New Vegas was the result of.

paintedgamer198410d ago

Exactly... this is something that totally could have been implented in FO4. But even with the release of FO4 it was released super early on a dated engine and it showed with the dated graphics and bugs of the original release. I still enjoyed it but it should have been much more refined. This is what weve come to expect from bethesda games tho so no huge suprise there.

badz1499d ago

modders have proven that a full-fledged MP is doable with a SP game like FO4. just look at JC2 and JC3. both open world SP games but modders made MP mode for both for FREE! I don't think this FO76 is anything different but they are charging for it. a scumbag move

Vegamyster10d ago

They're making Starfield & Tes 6, we probably won't get Fallout 5 for sometime unless they have another dev like Obsidian working on it.

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Baza10d ago

Yup same glitchy, poor framerate engine.

badz1499d ago

when it comes to Bethesda, those are not bugs or anything, just another feature!

mezati9910d ago

I'm sorry, but this game looks like an utter horseshit

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