Three hours with Fallout 76 - forget what you know, this isn't a regular Fallout game - VG247

From VG247: "It’s about 30 minutes into my Fallout 76 session and I’m already in my pants. It’s what Bob would want.

Bob is my wastelander, fresh out the vault. With bedraggled, balding hair, mutton chops, a horribly scarred face and the body weight of a large child, Bob stands out. Even more so when he’s wearing discoloured pants, a party hat, and some cobbled-together chest armour made out of belt straps. The machete in his hand helps, too."

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Kostche10d ago

in my hands-on session, my team and I decided to have a pop at a level 50 Bethesda Game Studios developer. We were all level 5 and 6, but we beat them quite easily, sniping them out of the air as they tried to escape the battle with the rocket boots on their power armour.

so what is the point leveling...lmao, this game is fail the more i hear about it

tombfan10d ago

WE versus 1, that's the catch. And it's a good thing, it means leveling won't make you super OP.

TekoIie10d ago

So you'd rather the game be about the number next to your player rather than teamwork, planning and skill?

D3TH_D33LR9d ago

Lmao please tell us more of your lack of understanding as to what balanced gameplay looks like.

Srhalo10d ago

"this isn't a regular Fallout game"

That's exactly why I have zero interest.

Valiar10d ago

I hope it fails miserably..

KillZallthebeast10d ago

Because Bethesda shouldn't have screwed fallout fans with this online only trash that's why

KwietStorm10d ago

If you don't want it, don't buy it. It's not meant to replace Fallout as we know it. It's a different experience for the people who wanted Fallout Online. There were talks about a Fallout MMO years ago. Wanting to see it fail is childish as hell.

D3TH_D33LR9d ago

Lmao these edge lords... how does Bethesda screw you out of something that isn’t even ready yet. Go back to bed kids.

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ocelot0710d ago


What about the Fallout fans who did want to see a MP game? I personally rather see another SP Fallout game but I am not against Fallout 76. Also what about the loyal Fallout fans Bethesda screwed over when they took a loved franchise and changed it from turned based to FPS RPG.

MasterCornholio9d ago

Yeah just make a Fallout game where it’s mainly single player based but instead of using a companion you can just invite a buddy for a coop experience. Then the game scales up in difficulty when that happens plus gives you better loot as an incentive.

KillZallthebeast9d ago

This is always online and wont support private servers at launch. This isn't borderlands style friends hopping in where the game ramps up difficulty either. I'm personally annoyed they're making this because it almost certainly means a true fallout SP rpg won't likley launch for another 5-6 years.

gtxgamer210d ago

Should've just made it coop only. I'm getting a "killed all the time by players gta vibe"

-T9X-69-9d ago

That's why they will be offering private servers and mod support post launch. When that comes, this will be a SP game where you can invite your friends for co-op. Especially with the modding community Bethesda has.

KillZallthebeast9d ago

Post launch is a dubious claim from a company known to put things off and back track.

GameBoyColor10d ago

even a lot of the previewers are disappointed lol.

ZaWarudo10d ago

I get that they wanted to try something different, but this just doesn't interest me.

Garrett_the_GOD10d ago

I was so hype watching Bethesda's E3 press conference when I seen the beginning of the announcement trailer for a new Fallout..that hype quickly turned into complete disappointment when I realized it is another pointless multiplayer shooter and not the single player storydriven RPGs we have all come to love...what makes it even worse to me was the fact a year earlier at E3 2017 Bethesda wanted the world to believe they were the saviors of singleplayer games..just a year after all that "we are keeping singleplayer games alive" bullshit they announce the fact they turned one of there biggest and most loved singleplayer RPG into multiplayer bullshit...and I have nothing against multiplayer games,ive been playing the hell out of Firewall Zero Hour and will be playing Evasion tomorrow.if they wanted to make a multiplayer Fallout game I think going for 4 player co-op like Divinity Original Sin 1 and 2 where 4 people play together as the 4 party member...when I play a game like Fallout the last thing I want is to have to shoot it out with other random players while I'm out trying to knock out quests..I also want some type of a story to follow throughout the game..I also like meeting and/or doing quests with or for random NPCs I encounter throughout the wasteland

AshleeEmerson9d ago

Hell yes to Firewall. Don't buy Evasion it's not a good game according to reviews (just beat Astro Bot best demonstration of VR to date).

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