Halo: The 5 games you need to play before the Chief's next adventure

Darren writes: "“Halo, it’s finished”.

“No, I think we’re just getting started”.

Back in 2001, who predicted just how huge this series would become? I’ll admit that I didn’t.

As we find ourselves salivating over the teaser for Halo: Infinite, which dropped at this year’s E3 expo, we can only wonder just how long we will have to wait for the next (and perhaps last) major entry in the franchise.

Now seems like a good time to run down the top 5 Halo games of all time, as we cross everything, hoping Infinite will sit right at the top of the pile."

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PhantomS42599d ago

I'd swap Halo 2 for Halo 4. Otherwise pretty accurate.

kevnb599d ago

You’re right, halo 2 has a better campaign than 4.

neil363599d ago

I remember the days of sitting and waiting for the postman to deliver Halo 2 on launch day - not sure I've ever had the same anticipation for a physical release before or since. It delivered the goods but then I fell out of love after Halo 3 - struggled to really get back into it all since then. That could well change with Infinite though.

Skull521599d ago

Uh, play through 1-5 on the X at 4K. ODST sucks and Reach has little to do with the Master Chief and while the campaign was good if you ever read The Fall of Reach you’d find that campaign also hugely disappointing.

divinedragon117599d ago (Edited 599d ago )

Put the previous Halo games on PC and I'll play them non stop. They are really missing out on a lot of money. I'd pay $80 -$100 for a Complete edition with the previous games.

WitcheRivia599d ago

Halo 1, 2, & 3. You can skip the rest.