UK Charts: Forza Horizon 4 is the fastest-selling game in the series so far

The Q4 sales season is well underway with three sizeable releases in this week's UK physical Charts.

FIFA 19 retained its No.1 position. The football game suffered a 64% drop in sales in its second week, which is a softer fall than we saw last year (69%). Nevertheless, the game is performing well behind its predecessor at physical retail so far.

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Switch4One10d ago

Game Pass is going to eat into MS exclusive game sales!

Forza Horizon 4: Hold my beer!

lxeasy10d ago

Not surprised Forza Horizon 4 is selling so well. Its the best one in the Horizon series.

Obscure_Observer10d ago (Edited 10d ago )


"Game Pass is going to eat into MS exclusive game sales!"

Yeah, heard a lot of "Microsoft will never make their new AAA first party game avaliable day one on Game Pass and kill its sales".

Next time, those people will need better crystal balls.

CarlDechance10d ago

Well deserved. UK have always been huge fans of racing. I remember FH3 had some long legs on the UK charts.

lxeasy10d ago

I play it here in the states with my bro its so good

AspiringProGenji10d ago

waiting for my next check to get this. Haven't seen an single video just to droll over this game on my Ultrawide. It should look awesome

xX1NORM1Xx10d ago

Runs really well on pc too! 4k is unbeleivably realistic i know its easier to make car games look good but i highly reccomend looking at some 4k screenshots its insane.

Elit3Nick10d ago

Pffft 4K, this guy took real-time gameplay at 8K (took 9 hours to render)

Prettygoodgamer10d ago

Cheque you mean ? Plus who gets cheques anymore it's not the 80s

rob-GP10d ago

In America, a Paycheck is basically their Payslip here in the UK or another word for payment - as in your wages.

xX1NORM1Xx10d ago

Im glad its doing well i brought FH3 and lost intrest so i didnt buy 4 but i played it on game pass and im really enjoying it, probably gonna buy the deluxe upgrade if im still playong it next month.

rob-GP10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

And yet it didn’t ‘sell’ more than Spider-Man after it’s been out a month already. That says a lot about Forza in the UK I guess.

In terms of physical and digital. This article is physical only. A p+d was posted last night

mark_parch10d ago

I didn't know spider man was also available on ps4's version of gamepass, oh wait.

rob-GP10d ago

Why are you bringing up Gamepass? The article is based on physical sales and the one from yesterday was about physical and digital sales - Gamepass stats aren't included because the devs will get pennies from the subscriptions if that. So what's your point?

Ausbo10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

why compare Spider-Man and forza

rob-GP10d ago

Comparing the sales, not that games. A lot of people said Forza would outsell Spider-Man, yet it hasn't - not even after it's been out about 4 weeks - it still sold more in the UK than Forza did in its first week.

Also, they are saying it's the fastest selling Forza - considering Spiderman did 3.3m in 3 days, we know it's nowhere near that - it didn't beat Spider-Man which is now at about 100k or so in the UK, so what did Forza sell? About 500k worldwide in its first week?

That's not a lot really when you think about it. Especially if it's the fastest selling one so far...

DJK1NG_Gaming10d ago

PlayStation fanboys on this site. That what they do to make themselves feel better when a Xbox or Nintendo game or system top sales

Sunny_D10d ago

Good for Forza but damn someone would have to be delusional to think it would oursell the still freshly released Spider man game. Literally the most popular comic book character in the world versus another entry (although great) in a racing series.

CaptainCook10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Where did you get your sales from? Forza Horizon 4 just released on the 2nd October, while the ultimate edition ($100) released on 28th September. You're counting last month sales comparing the ultimate edition vs Spider-Man.

rob-GP10d ago


Combined physical and digital sales of the EMEAA region (I thought it was the UK region at first glance) on the week ending the 30th. If the normal version of Forza wasn't out by that point then we should get those results shortly. if it still doesn't outsell the PS4 exclusive in that week then 'fastest selling Forza to date' is a PR spin on 'we don't want to give out sales numbers just yet'

I guess it will be later this week when those charts come out then next month for NPD if the main version didn't go on sale until October.

rob-GP10d ago

Okay, the sales announced last night aren't the UK, it's all of the EMEAA region - still counts though: https://www.gamesindustry.b...

TheRealHeisenberg10d ago

Thanks for looking into that!!! I most certainly will be able to sleep better at night knowing that Spiderman outsold FH4.

mkis0079d ago

I think you are misunderstanding something... "fastest selling Forza title in the UK"...

Literally means of all the forzas it is fastest selling... there is no claim beyond that.

Purrfection10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Why is this now about an exclusive on another system, I don't get it? Isn't this about Forza and how well this one is doing in the franchise? The PS4 also has at least double the systems sold so please name all these names who said this was going to outsell it because you are acting like everyone did.

How terrible that we can't have two great games like Spiderman and Forza Horizon 4 both sell well and review well without the insecurities of putting those both side by side like they have to battle it out.

If you have or plan to get Forza Horiozn 4 great, stop trying to knock down Spiderman and be quiet.
If you have Spiderman or plan to get it great, stop trying to knock down Forza Horizon 4 and be quiet.
If you have both or plan to get both then that's awesome, enjoy both!

DaMist10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

seriously! I beat Spider-man and i'm currently so addicted to FH4, plays so much better than FH3 did in PC. people need to learn to be fans, not fan boys. you miss out on a lot of great games and experiences this way!

PS: also downloading on the Xbox so i can play with my wife (game pass rules in this regard)

mark_parch10d ago

I simply brought up gamepass as there's a very good chance a lot of people chose to play through that rather than buy the game, hence affecting sales numbers. Not that anyone is bothered, they are both amazing games and both are selling well which is great, unless your a toxic fanboy like rob for example.

King_Noctis9d ago

Consider the amount of fanbase the X1 has as well as the inclusion of Gamepass, I’d say FH4 has made a great milestone.

It doesn’t have to outsell Spiderman in order to be a success. If you use that logic, then every games this year will be a failure compared to RDR2.

Kribwalker8d ago

lol. The $120 early access version (twice the price of the standard version that wasn’t released yet) was the 3rd top selling game that week. Keep spinning that yarn Rumplestiltskin

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