Microsoft Conference Call Sends Shares Lower writes: CFO Chris Liddell says the company's new guidance for the June 2009 fiscal year reflects the company's anticipation of a global recession.

As noted earlier, the company now sees revenue of $64.9 billion to $66.4 billion, with profits of $2 to $2.10 a share; in July the company had projected revenue of $67.3 billion to $68.1 billion, with profits of $2.12 to $2.18 a share. Speaking on a conference call with analysts, Liddell says the low end of the guidance range assumes a mild recession; the bottom end of the range assumes a deeper recession, and lower IT spending growth.

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La Chance4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

to be handling the financial crisis better than some other firms.

This could be good for 360 gamers.

sonarus4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )

I like how you conveniently sidestepped they seem to be doing better than sony. :)

The economic situation seems to be really bad for everyone but sony has quite a few profitable ventures from vaio sales, to LCD to blu ray and lets not forget psp and ps2 are still very profitable. I'm surprised things are that bad but i am no economists or analyst

Microsoft target will probably be off by about 3billion which isn't bad at all when you make over 60billion. Sony on the other hand would have had profit of about 3-4billion total. So they are off by almost same amount but microsoft makes so much more they aren't as affected

PimpHandStrong4275d ago (Edited 4275d ago )


You know whats good for gamers?!?!

Stock prices and share holders are not good for gaming! In fact this has nothing to do with us!

Since when is stock prices and share holders NEWS FOR GAMERS

sajj3164275d ago

Yes some companies are handling them better than others in this financial crisis. The success of the games division is what I'm concerned about. The stock for MSFT was at almost $40.00 (52 week high). Now its trading at $23. What does that mean to you? Xbox division hurting MS overall? Think about it ...

ionize4275d ago

It is probably bad for 360 gamers since M$ won't be able to cover the cost of replacing all of the soon to be RRoDs

Genesis54275d ago

Well recently in the news it was stated that the xbox division was under a hiring freeze and they are closing down some developement studios. How is this good for gamers?

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AtlREMF3114275d ago

for a second I thought his name was Chuck Liddel LOL

I Make Stuff Up4275d ago

Oh, how I miss him and Randy duking it out. One of the best trilogies ever.
That whole air on invincibility has been shattered.
Now Silva is wearing that label.

ionize4275d ago

Sony clearly isn't as poor as you seeing they can afford a PS3

PimpHandStrong4275d ago

has said he has 18 months left to fight

he has 6 more fights on his contract!

Chuck is still a bad man but his chin has been chipped and with his style of fighting, counter puncher, when u lose a step you get crushed! He got crushed by Evans and will reritre soon. Still one of the best fighters to watch because you know he is going for a KO

The Spider is the best fighter in the world and i cant see anyone making it past the 2nd round vs that guy! He is the best fighter we have seen in the last 20 years of combat sports

NipGrip4275d ago

Silva in :45 of the first round.

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