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WWE 2K19 finally released, bringing new game modes, and more superstars than ever before. Check out Geekisphere's official review for this game here.

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sawoosevens371d ago

I don't do this often if ever but I'll bet my life that it's the same old same old as long as 2k is making that game it will never be good again I've played the good wwf and wee games and 2ks ain't it.

JohnHeatz370d ago

They do bring stuff that worked on previous games back for sure. I can tell you that My Player mode is way better, with an actual story, fully voiced characters and interesting rivalries (yet a bit weird at times). Towers is a nice addition, and the Showcase is finally back, with Daniel Bryan's story.

I see your complain, I loved PS1/PS2 WWE games, and they were really different, but still, 2K is working with the guys from Jukebox who were part of the development of those old games.

sawoosevens370d ago

I hope your right because when I played 2k18 it seems to me game play mechanic is their biggest issue im uncertain that they are able to fix it