Streets of Rage 4 Interview with Cyrille Imbert

Green Man Gaming: "At EGX 2018 we sent roving reporter Jason Coles to meet with the people behind some of the most exciting upcoming games and get us some juicy scoops. You can see the others here, but meanwhile here's his interview with Cyrille Imbert from the team behind Streets of Rage 4."

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Majin-vegeta380d ago

Yuzo or we riot.

Hopefully they can get to do Golden axe in the future

Apocalypse Shadow379d ago

Yeah. He better have some tracks in there or it's not SoR. And no dubstep please.

Hope they can pull it off. But they have so much competition in the beat em up fan scene that I just don't know. I've been waiting for decades for a sequel. And since then, I've played the best Openbor beat em ups like world heroes supreme justice extra, final fight gold plus, fighters history revenge, marital masters, justice league united, avengers united battle force, marvel infinity war, etc; and fan remakes of SoR that blow the doors off of what was then. If they can't equal or surpass them, then that would be disappointing.

DarkSniper379d ago

Agreed. If Yuzo isn't involved in Streets of Rage 4, then Sega would be better off calling this title something else.


Army_of_Darkness379d ago

They better not f*#k this up! Been waiting for SOR4 for ever!... I was hoping for a less cartoony art style though..

FlyingFoxy379d ago

"we want to keep the legacy while bringing something new" That says to me it won't be the original composer, unless they get him & someone else to do different tracks.