Destiny 2: Forsaken – How to predict prime engram drops

It was known that you get prime engrams in Destiny 2 from challenging opponents and Crucible matches, but the mechanics behind it was unclear. But some players now seem to have cracked the mystery of the drop rate.

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OneEyedSteve102d ago (Edited 102d ago )

This is complete bs... Prime Engrams are completely random, I've gotten 3 within the space an hour then the next day its taken me 8hrs with a hell of a lot more than 2000 kills juwt to get 1.. They also don't always give you a level boost i got loads that were completely useless because they gave me a low level item due to the broken system D2 has, and its the reason i deleted my character and gave up on the game as i wasted 100s of hours and my level hardly moved! And they most certainly don't help level you quickly like the article says.. dumb article.

Killa78102d ago

I've never had a prime engram drop below my current base, and rarely below the specific item.

Sure you're not getting confused with normal legendaries?

On the drop rate, I agree. Completely random, but generally one every few hours?


I’ve NEVER gotten a Prime below my power level and you say you’ve gotten loads of them below your level? Hmmm....