Playground Artist Showcases Amazing Game-to-Real-Life Forza Horizon 4 Comparisons

An environment artist at Playground Games shared a series of amazing game-to-real-life Forza Horizon 4 comparisons, showing how close the game is to the real Scottish Highlands and Edinburgh city.

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Obscure_Observer11d ago

Only God knows how incredible their Action Open World RPG will look like! The wait is killing me. :(

gamer780410d ago

Can't wait either I'm hoping its a brand new ip and not fable

paintedgamer198410d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Im excited to see how that game turns out as well... It will be the ultimate test to see if this developer is a 1 trick pony or not. Beautiful graphics and physics dont always make for an amazingly fun game with a great story among other things.

If theres any dev that has at least a decent shot at doing another genre in MS's stable of 1st partys its turn 10/playground 🤓😁👍


I hope its a new i.p. as well but all signs point to fable... which atp im ok with... i just want another amazing 1st party AAA game thats not a racer or shooter from MS. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD

Chris_Wray11d ago

Forza Horizon 4 genuinely is a stunning game and insanely fun as well, plus there's no horrible in-game monetisation forced in to try to milk people. It's a fantastic release.

Livingthedream10d ago

Yup you can literally grind for every car in the game. Imo the payoff is pretty quick I've played it only a few hours, and have almost 1 million credits, and was awarded a 6 million f Masserati

King_Noctis10d ago

They are pretty generous with payout and car. I had won so many cars through wheel spin.

On a sidenote, I really love the progression system in this game. It doesn’t force you to be number one and still make you feel proud even if you are the last one in a race. Heck, you don’t even have to race to progress the story. You can do all the side contents instead.

paintedgamer198410d ago

This is actually pretty incredible

CarlDechance10d ago

Forza Horizon 4 is simply brilliant. The software is amazing. I am simply loving full 4K 60 FPS on my PC playing this AAA game.

Kribwalker10d ago

I know right. It’s awesome and super consumer friendly of MS to give people multiple options to play this fantastic game. whether you wanna buy it for the xbox consoles, in cheaper form or the most powerful console and those that want to spend even more money have the opportunity to play with even better visual fidelity. Great consumer friendly moves by MS 😊 The competition could learn from this

CarlDechance10d ago

Seems my money (or more accurately, my MS rewards points) is just as good coming through Windows 10 as it is if it were coming through Xbox. When MS starts releasing their games on PlayStation then we can laud them with praise for being "super consumer friendly". lol. But going outside their ecosystem to sell games isn't in their business interest just like it isn't for "the competition".

But yeah, this game is incredible on PC. I have the quality settings on high and getting a rock solid 60 FPS with their benchmark option. PC is definitely the best place to play FH4.

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