FIFA 19 scores at launch on top of EMEAA charts

PC and Xbox-exclusive Forza Horizon 4 didn't have too shabby a launch across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Australia in the latest GSD EMEAA charts. Of course, Playground's more laidback racing game was still outstripped by the launch of FIFA 19, which took the top spot in the region last week.

It was also beaten by Spider-Man, which has been on a high since its launch last month and only just now dipped to #2. But Forza did manage to take Shadow of the Tomb Raider down two pegs, and hold the ever-popular Grand Theft Auto V to #5, where it remains strong and sturdy just a few weeks past its fifth anniversary.

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Kribwalker63d ago

Crazy. FH4 is 3rd place and it’s only counting the ultimate edition, which is the early access version of the game (released the thursday instead of next tuesday) with all of the future dlc, VIP and Car pass that sells for an extra $60.
It’ll be interesting to see what happens after the main game launched. That and the gamepass numbers will also be interesting.