50 Arcade Games You Need To Play Before You Die

If you’re a gamer worth your salt, then your love affair with video games probably started at the arcade. For hours and hours of your childhood, you spent your time hunched over the latest titles, inserting coins like it was going out of fashion.

But which games were the best? Here’s our list of the 50 Arcade Games You Need to Play Before You Die

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theflamey13d ago

What up my friend, not well?

TastyTostada12d ago

Ligma? *bawls* :'( :'()

So sorry to hear.

Master of Unlocking11d ago

No I won't. I want your credit card number first.

SickSinceSix12d ago

No Metal Slug game? This list needs more NeoGeo titles

william_cade12d ago

Played the piss out of some Metal Slug for a short time. Neo Geo did have the best all around arcade games.

william_cade12d ago

Played almost all of them but the racing ones. Those games kind of suck, except for Dragon's Lair, Rampage and Mortal Kombat. I spent most of my quarters on Samurai Showdown, Ghosts n' Goblins and Gauntlet.

dedicatedtogamers12d ago

I'm not sure this person has played most of these arcade games when they refer to Virtual On as a "racing game".

To look at it, Cyber Troopers appeared to be a run-of-the-mill racing game, but it couldn’t have been any more different. A cult favourite in Japan, Virtual On: Cyber Troopers is a classic that’s much more Gundam than Grand Prix.

Einhander197112d ago

You just carry on and die, go and play Cod with your buddies. Great list of arcade classics played em all, have so much more on my PC arcade machine. This small selection hardly scratches the surface.

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