Spider-Man Has One Of The Highest Platinum Trophy Completion Rates For A Major PS4 Game

About 10 percent of players have gotten the PS4's exclusive brass (or platinum, in this case) ring.

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Nyxus10d ago

Same here, I only have one other platinum. Wasn't too hard to do in Spider-Man.

ziggurcat10d ago

it's a pretty easy platinum.

mkis00710d ago (Edited 10d ago )

I think the hardest thing was getting the challange tokens. Which was pretty infuriating for Drone changes. ( needed for suit unlocks)

bouzebbal10d ago

Playing on hardest difficulty.. Like the challenge. IG games tend to be very easy overall.

rainslacker9d ago

Most of Sony's platinum are pretty easy. Their pretty comprehensive to all the content in the game too. I think gt sport I don't have be sure it's so time consuming, and any game with a mp component I don't have just because I'm not going to waste my time doing that

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NecrumOddBoy9d ago

I have the platinum trophies for Horizon, GOW, Detroit and now Spiderman. They all have one thing is common: the platinum requires path exploration over difficulty. I don't want to platinum a game that unlocks a god-awful NG+ challenging boss and requires 100 hours just to get the trophy. I like a good challenge that requires me to explore the entire game and keeps me enticed to give a little bit more. These four games do that without any sort of boring repetition or replays. I don't have enough time to play a game twice or spend a thousand hours trying to complete a challenge mode so if it does it then I won't get the Platinum. I also hope Days Gone has an achievable and reasonable plat as well

Xb1ps49d ago

Exactly how I feel about it

C-H-E-F9d ago

same here, wasn't hard though just really had to beat the game, then get collectibles and do side missions haha.

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lociefer10d ago

Still working on mine, game's too fun to put down, i hope they add more trophies with new game +

ziggurcat10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

probably no new trophies for NG+, but there'll likely be trophies for the DLC.

PCgamer9810d ago

I got it. Not really hard just time consuming though and you can 100% it even on easy.

TekoIie10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Yeah was about to say that I don't think any of the trophies are linked to any difficulty based tasks so it's definitely going to have a higher completion rate.

P_Bomb10d ago

True, but there are many games that don’t have platinums tied to difficulty and they don’t have that 10%. You can literally purchase trophies with in-game currency in Nier Automata, and that’s still sitting at 9%.

Spider-Man also benefits from taking a common sense approach to most of its completionist tasks (unlocking all suits, backpacks and landmarks rewards you regardless). You really only have to be mindful not to spend all your challenge tokens on gadgets. The towers reveal everything you need to 100% the districts. So long as you’re nabbing a pigeon or doing a science puzzle every now and then between missions, you’ll cut down on the grind.

SickSinceSix10d ago

Was at 4% when I got mine and I rarely bother platinuming games. Looking forward to hearing if the dlc is worth picking up next.

Abnor_Mal10d ago

I have mine, just wish there was a higher difficulty. Really could not tell the difference between amazing and spectacular.

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The story is too old to be commented.