Top 5 reasons why the PS Vita died ahead of time

A look into the main problems that probably lead Sony’s handheld system into a death ahead of time.

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masterfox12d ago

huh ?, is actually alive and kicking and still receiving games all year long. Google it if you don't believe me ;)

EddieNX 12d ago

Yh it's been dead a good 4 years in the west, it was as if Sony gave up straight awau. A few indie games doesn't merit "alive and kicking".
It's been alive all along in Japan tho I suppose.

Shiken12d ago

It has been alive for any gamer who enjoys Japanese games, regardless of where it is. It flopped like the WiiU sure, but for me personally it was very much alive. Tons of new retail Japanese games and Remote Play for my PS4 games was well worth the investment.

Admittedly however, if you do not like Japanese games, you will find the library lacking. I however, love them.

Silly gameAr12d ago

Why write about something that's been dead for 4 years?

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lptmg12d ago

it's been alive with the help of breathing machines at best. I ADORE the Vita, even more than the 3DS, but it's hard to keep the damn thing alive and well if its maker has little faith in it. It's a Dreamcast-level machine in terms of being misunderstood.

goldwyncq12d ago

If by games, you mean obscure indie games and Japanese visual novels, then yes I suppose you're right.

Shiken12d ago

Tons of quality JRPGs on the console. In fact, for a while the VITA was the best place to find them.

Lexreborn212d ago

Lasted longer then Wii U still supported into 2019 and people still paint a early death campaign. Dreamcast died ahead of its time. Saturn died ahead of its time, vita may not have sold well. But died ahead of its time is not true at all

The 10th Rider12d ago

I mean, Sony stop published physical games for it in NA after just like 2 and a half years, and they stopped publishing games for it altogether after just 3 and a half years. At least the Wii U still got first party support up until 4 and a half years after release.

King_Noctis12d ago

Maybe you haven’t got the news that Sony stop making the Vita.

TekoIie11d ago

Let's not fool ourselves. The system is not alive when this is your upcoming lineup:

Skankinruby12d ago

Heartbreak at its finest, am absolutely amazing little machine that wasn't appreciated and given a chance.

ZXCPCA50012d ago

How was it not given a chance?

Shiken12d ago

Well it was delt a shitty hand. Proprietary memory cards that were over priced, lack of price cuts, and Sony pulling out too early with their 1st party content did the VITA in.

Luckily however, Japanese 3rd party devs kept it alive for as long as it has been. VITA is a dream come true for JRPG fans. Switch and PS4 are now filling that role, but for a while the VITA was the best place to find them honestly.

CarlDechance12d ago

It died because of lack of dualshock 4 support? Uh....LOL. Is that a joke?

Fist4achin12d ago

Yawn, this again. Mine is still alive and kicking. However, what are they citing, the proprietary memory cards, lack of AAA games, lack of true LR2+3 buttons/triggers, initial price?! Yes heard it all before. It is true, but nobody can deny that for a niche system it has definitely held it's own.

TekoIie12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

Dunno if just allowing your system to exist without releasing a steady stream of games for it is "alive and kicking". The reality is the Vita never received a single game that sold extremely well. I think a few hit a mil and I'd expect Minecraft did well but it never received a single must buy game.

The main difference with the Wii U is that Nintendo fought a losing battle but the 1st party games still sold very well. Surprisingly well considering the install base. Sony just gave up after each game they made failed to push the system. It's a shame because the tech is great but was never utilised. I'd say both Sony and Nintendo learnt some important lessons from these consoles that played a role in their current successes.

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