Technology and nature have a strange relationship in Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Christian Donlan: "Nintendo has always been willing to look at technology in the context of the wider world, and to examine the way that things other than digital technology can be brought to bear on the games and toys it makes, whether that's mechanics in Labo, the human body in Wii Fit or the seasonal calendar that powers the dreamy tidal dramas of Animal Crossing. It's there explicitly in the latest Zelda, but it's always been there implicitly. And for a few seconds when I climb a tower and reach the top, I get to glimpse what feels like a very ancient magic of connectedness."

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wonderfulmonkeyman64d ago (Edited 64d ago )

I'm very happy with my magitech horsey-cycle that will run off of literally anything I want to feed it.
Its recent favorites include Swift Carrots, Ancient Shafts, and Bokoblin Teeth.
Teeth that I gather by repeatedly running over the faces of their owners.XD

I also never have to visit the horse God again, as my cycle doesn't die when I jump it off a random cliff.
Which is like 90% of the time when I end a ride on it... so many wild ones sacrificed before this...

Oh, the ancient armor and weaponry are all cool, too.