Okami Just Earned Another Guinness World Records Award

Guinness World Records has awarded Okami with the title of "best critically acclaimed game staring an animal." This is a completely serious award.

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Fist4achin787d ago

Not to many games where you play as an animal, for the most part or entire time. Spiro, Sonic, Gex, Earthworm Jim, Ecco, and Altered Beasts come to mind.

These could also be contenders as well for this award.

oasdada786d ago

Ratchet and clank too and yea also ori

dragon_rocks786d ago

How Sly series did not win this award is beyond me. All the animal character in Sly Cooper games are memorable and awesomely done with excellent animations and voice acting.

King_Noctis786d ago

Starfox and Crash are also great.

Petebloodyonion786d ago

Only 1 logical winner should come to mind
Goat Simulator.
But how about Mr. Mosquito on Ps2? that was quite a little gem.

TastyTostada786d ago

Dog's Life PS2. All 10 of us who played it would agree. You can follow fart trails from other dogs and see hidden butt fumes using "Smellovision".

capjacksparrow786d ago

You could make a million Guinness world records if you think hard enough. Game with an animal protagonist with the lowest rating. Game with a female protagonist with the highest rating. Game with the most green. I mean, come on. I do have to play Okami though, I have it remastered for PS4.

AK91786d ago

Why does the description say “staring an animal”

786d ago
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