How Nintendo Reacted To Very Bad Reviews For Mario Party And Mario Party 2

This week, Game Informer published their review for Super Mario Party. They described the game as something that’s fun to play.

What you may not know is 18 years ago, when Game Informer reviewed Mario Party and Mario Party 2, they gave both games very negative reviews.

How did Nintendo respond to these negative reviews? They sent a framed poster to Game Informer.

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franwex1116d ago

Those games were fun, wtf game informer.

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Seraphim1116d ago

Not sure about the OG Mario Parties. I did play, 5 (?) on the Gamecube and it was definitely a blast. An interesting and fun take on a video game/board game. Best with friends but even alone it had it's value for being fun; albeit limited.

Teflon021116d ago

1 to 3 are the best Mario Party games. 4 was good but they started to fall off from that game going forward. 5 was good to though

3-4-51116d ago

Mario Party 1,2,3 are classics......I can't recall anybody we played with back in the day not liking these games.

Some critics think it's their job to be negative.

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inxine1116d ago

thats abit dramatic haha

FlyingFoxy1116d ago

Eh i really enjoyed the first game on the 64, but as with everything else.. each to his own. I'm not fussed on Smash brothers or Pokemon either but plenty seem to like them.

People just love to bash at the end of the day. I don't pay attention to game reviews all that much unless they are all rated low, like in the 4-5 range, same with films.

strayanalog1116d ago

The first two were the best ones, at least in my opinion. The first was an interesting, and skin losing, experience. The second outing really expanded on the formula and delivered some fun mini games. Nevertheless, I appreciate Nintendo's humor, or Howard Lincoln's rather, and Game Informer's "glowing" opinion.

Geobros1116d ago

It is my opinion too. To be honest I have not played all Mario Party games but almost all 1 to 9. I dodn't have Wii U, so I don't play the 10th of the series. So, 1 and 2 were the best.

The only problem with those games was the N64 control stick fatigue of the controller. I had to repair it very often.

Concertoine1116d ago

Some passive aggression from Nintendo, lol.

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The story is too old to be commented.