Remedy: Control Won't Have Any Fetch Quests; It Will Deliver the 'Telekinetic Master' Power Fantasy

Remedy confirmed that Control won't have any fetch quests. On the other hand, it will fully deliver the 'Telekinetic Master' power fantasy, more than any previous game did according to the developers.

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ccgr14d ago

Awesome to hear, fetch quest are annoying

Alexious14d ago

Damn right! Quality over quantity any day of the week.

spartan112g14d ago

Stay away from AC: Odyssey, fetch quest the game. This sounds amazing.

foster42614d ago

Hows it feel to be wrong?

Dabigsiebowski13d ago

He's not wrong. Assasins Creed has always been overrated since Black Flag and even a bit before it. Quality>Quanity

Chris_Wray14d ago

That sounds good to me, removes the need for backtracking. We'll have to wait and see on it fulfilling a sort of power fantasy though!

Imp0ssibl314d ago

Actually there will be a bit of backtracking I have read.

admiralvic14d ago

From what I heard from the developers it will work like a Metroidvania. Some areas require later acquired powers to access.

robtion14d ago

My thoughts exactly. That was an extremely fun game. Should be even better with current technology.

mkis00714d ago

That cliffhanger still kills me to this day. Ugh

meka261114d ago

Was gonna say the same thing, loved that game.

Apocalypse Shadow14d ago

For me, Psi-ops did that a long time ago. But hopefully Remedy can pull it off.

LandoCalrissiano14d ago

Because those things come to you, nice.

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