Nintendo's Reggie Fils-Aimé On Why The Switch Uses A Mobile App For Voice Chat

"Nintendo's approach is to do things differently"

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-Foxtrot105d ago

So what? Do things differently even if people don’t like it or it’s super awkward?

Nintendo in a nutshell. This is why they are so stuck in the past and always behind, their stupid pride gets in the way of just going “well our competitors do X, Y and Z, it’s worked really well and people like it, let’s build on that then give it a Nintendo touch”

Nitrowolf2105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

Just the standard PR talk when a company knows they’ve done something the wrong way but won’t admit it and are far to invested thinking it’s the way of going forward. Being different isn’t always the good decision.

It’s dumb, to say that the reason you have VO on the phone because it’s always with you whole purpose is defeated when you typically VO when your playing games with friends, in which case the console always with you. And it’s not like that doesn’t create an awkward situation to having your phone out and switch at the same time.

I’d imagine if ur doing that in public you’d need ur phone on speaker, cause again if it’s a matter of it always being with you than ur headset for the switch isn’t going to always be with you. That thought is also countered by the fact that’s you are also carrying your switch with you sooooo....

Like I get some people just enjoy chatting, but there are far better apps that are easily accessible on the phone than the Nintendo app (discord, Skype, hangouts, you know apps we’ve had for the last 10 years)

Purrfection103d ago

Why can't Switch do both and have the regular way to chat when the system is docked?

pietro1212103d ago

HusbandAndWifeGaming you're completely wrong. The PS Vita offered voice and it's a weaker console compared to the Switch

Concertoine103d ago

I think Nintendo knows this isnt a good method. They just didnt want to invest in their online infrastructure.

Skull521102d ago

Gotta start somewhere. They are only 16 years behind Microsoft’s network and 11 years behind Sony’s network lol. Probably should have gotten on that sooner...

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tehpees3103d ago

I'll cut in here because he is lying. Its US laws involving the FCC which have changed regulations on communication over portable devices over the years.

Its the law.

HusbandAndWifeGaming103d ago

It has nothing to do with the law it's because Switch is so weak that they couldn't afford to devote the overhead.

Gh05t103d ago

WTF are you even talking about? This thing would be using WiFi to communicate they already have the FCC approved console to use the WiFi. It's VoIP.

Maybe you can enlighten us exactly which FCC regulation won't allow a device that has WiFi to allow for communication knowing full well that it is allowed for cell phones at the same time?

remixx116103d ago

So Vita can allow voice chat over WiFi through the system but switch can't??

deafdani103d ago


The DS, the freakin' DS, which came out in 2004 or 2005 (don't remember exactly), had voice chat.

The Switch is more than capable. Stop making excuses in behalf of Nintendo, they half-assed it and we shouldn't just accept it and move on. When people complain about something in big enough numbers, companies take notice. Just look at Sony and crossplay as a recent example.

PlayableGamez-103d ago

I have brain cancer now after reading this.

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AspiringProGenji105d ago

Nintendo and their draconian ways as usual

Sono421103d ago

They use the word different as if it automatically means unique and or better. No, a voice chat app on your phone is not unique. No, using it as the main form of built in voice chat for your console is not innovative. Different=/=creative/good. They need to stop using this buzz word.

ninsigma105d ago

So you think when being out and about, using the device in portable mode, in situations that aren't necessarily the most comfortable and likely less safe for protecting your things, you want to add another device and a bunch of wires, making the whole thing more cumbersome?? For the sake of "do things differently"?? Absurd...

agent4532103d ago

That's the spirit says Nintendo PR

DJK1NG_Gaming105d ago

Dont give damn why it being used or if we have to..
The damn Switch doesn't even have a built-in mic or on its controllers.

Only way it can be fix is with the revision potentially coming next year.

Mr_Writer85103d ago

Could they just sell ear buds with a mic? Surely they only need to use the audio jack?

OMGitzThatGuy103d ago

I think there are a variety of headphone jacks, just like PCs have 1 jack for the mic and 1 for sound, but most phones have them both on one line. I see no way that Nintendo picked the PC route over the mobile route so the only conclusion that i can come up to is that they forgot and only realize it after the design was finalized so they are using their PR talk to spin it as if it was their master plan all along. Sort of how Microsoft used the excuse of choosing DDR3 for the OG Xbox One and calling it "Balanced" when in fact they just cheaped out.

FinalFantasyFanatic103d ago


I think you're talking about the amount of poles or something on jacks (2 vs 3 poles, however it works), they could have gone the USB route as well or bluetooth, it's hard to believe they only considered online services as an after thought, but the more news I hear, the more it looks like it was an after thought.

I don't know how a company can take such risks being innovative, yet forget some of the core basics that they're competition already has in place.

conanlifts103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

That's why we use gaming headsets on the Xbox and PS4. They could easily make a usb bluetooth dongle for when it is docked to allow wireless headphones. In portable mode you could just plug the headphones in.

TekoIie103d ago

The excuse of trying to do something differently doesn't work when it's just inconvenient by comparison.