Revamped Collisions and Rebuilt Force-Feedback in the works for Forza Motorsport 7

Turn 10 Studios has revealed that its working on a series of enhancements and changes to the core fundamental aspects of Forza Motorsport 7. These include a revamped collisions model, a rebuilt force-feedback system, an updated painting space, and new expirmental features.

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Switch4One725d ago

I'm excited for the update. These guys churn out great games in 2 year cycles, imagine what they'll accomplish now with what is essentially a 4 year development cycle on FM7.

I believe this also points to the main team working on FM8 for the Xbox Next coming in 2020 perhaps?

Also PG may even be deep enough into development of their RPG that it actually releases next year (???) if MS feel comfortable letting T10 skip releasing a game next year.

Kribwalker725d ago

definitely think they are prepping for next gen forza. new engine possibly. excited to see what happens next

Lime123724d ago

"A few factors may have played into Forza 7‘s success in the month of October. Despite both games launching in the month, the latest Forza title launched on October 3 whereas GT Sport arrived in the US on October 17. Therefore, those key two extra weeks on the market would certainly have helped the overall sales of the game. The Xbox One X’s imminent arrival could have also played into Turn 10’s hands. Forza Motorsport 7 is very much the poster child for the super-powered console, so it’s not a stretch to imagine this helped sales."

3-4-5724d ago

Exactly, Forza 8 will be a Next Xbox launch title.

IRetrouk724d ago

Neither of your links are any good, ones uk and the other is us, which will prove nothing, use worldwide numbers or theres no point really. We all know gt is the more popular racer, but a new engine may help forzas numbers somewhat, depends how new, the new engine is, forza 5 was also supposed to be a new engine but was just an upgrade to 4, forza 6 was also supposed to have a new engine, that too was just the forza tech update to the old engine, hopefully this is an actual overhaul.

Obscure_Observer724d ago (Edited 724d ago )

Awesome news! I´m glad that Turn10 has hearded the feedback from fans and are willing to make FM a better game focused on its true simulator roots! Also, kudos for Microsoft Game Studios for giving them time to turn Forza Motorsport and even better game than it already is!

That´s what i call proper support and freedom to fullfill Turn10´s vision!

Can´t wait to see what´s comming next for Forza 7! :)

alb1899724d ago

Lime123 do you really think that sells are the reasons why a game is good?
Forza Motor Sport and Forza Horizon are untouchable and you as a gamer should be jealous if you don't have an X or Xbox one.

mandingo724d ago

@Lime Too bad people bought a half made game when it launched (GT Sport)

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AngelicIceDiamond724d ago

"I believe this also points to the main team working on FM8 for the Xbox Next coming in 2020 perhaps?"

That's exactly what it sounds like to me. New engine gameplay overhaul for forza 8 new Xbox in 2020. The real question is, whats coming out in 2019 instead?

Jinger724d ago

I don't think they are going to replace it with anything. Phil said he wants to support their teams with more resources and longer dev times if needed. Perhaps they're taking the extra year to just build a new engine to support the future of Forza moving forward.

Obscure_Observer724d ago


Imo this news pretty much confirms next gen Xbox set to be released in 2021! Forza Motorsport series has a 2 year dev circle between Forza Horizon series. If they´re skipping a new release on 2019, they´re certainly aiming to release a new next gen Forza Motorsport Game in 2021!

iplay1up2724d ago

I think 2020. The Xbox One X, is the most powerful console, with 40% more power than PS4, and it sells for $499. The next consoles, should be much more powerful than current, mid gen upgrades. That is going to come at a cost. I think in order to keep the price lower, Sony and Microsoft are going to have to wait till 2020, to release new consoles. The reason I think that is, the next gen hardware they are developing games and new consoles for at this time, would cost a fortune to release next year. Waiting till 2020, whatever they are working with now for next gen, will cost less to consumers.

joab777724d ago

I like to think of it as a next gen launch title overhaul lol!

TheCommentator724d ago

In combination with all of the new studios, switching to a 4 year cycle further points to MS breaking the traditional cycle of Forza, Halo, Gears. At any rate, I'm glad that FM7 is getting longer support since every two years was a little to close together for my tastes, considering how much there is to unlock by playing each of the games.

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darthv72725d ago (Edited 725d ago )

"It’s become a bit of a joke in the industry..." that seems a bit harsh. I wouldn't use the word "joke" but more specifically "expectation". Like I was expecting there to be two GT games for the PS4 like we got two for the PS3 and two for the PS2 and two for the PS1. But all that changed this gen just like how we may not be getting two god of war games for PS4 like we got two for the PS3 and two for the PS2 and even two for the PSP.

Forza (since the introduction of Horizon) has been an expectation of one year a mainline game and the next a horizon game. I've come to expect that tradition but now if they are going to change then... I don't know what to think. Some may not like having so many but others come to count on such releases. To all of a sudden just decide to change, well that throws a wrench into things.

Jinger724d ago

If the delay means they're making a new engine for the next gen then I'm all for it. Much like Halo taking a longer development cycle so they can work on a brand new engine for the upcoming gen.

Delays for these reasons are welcome. Delays like Crackdown are what you worry about.

Obscure_Observer724d ago


" I've come to expect that tradition but now if they are going to change then... I don't know what to think."

Nothing has changed. They´ll update and upgrade Forza 7 to a whole new level in all areas! I´m sure that the game will feel, look and performe like a remake.

In the mean time, they will work on a brand new next gen engine and release Forza Motorsport 8 as a launch game for the next gen Xbox! :)

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chiefJohn117724d ago (Edited 724d ago )

Yo FH4 is amazing. If a racer ever deserved a 10 it's FH4. The halo warthog run alone was better than any mission in halo 5 itself lol. Off topic I know.

OT they should do FM then a non racing ip, then FH then that now racing ip. So it's a 3 year cycle for all 3.

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