Top 30 Best Open World Games of All Time

Best Open World Games: Satiate your wanderlust with the 30 incredible open world video game titles.

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NecrumOddBoy66d ago

I think this website doesn't understand what open world means. Also another site looking to gravel at the ground Breath of the Wild walks on when it's not that good.

Lynx020765d ago

Well, if you think they don't understand what open world is, it seems they understand it better than you.

DrStronk65d ago

Alot of people think botw is an amazing open-world game. There is no excuse for not understanding that after 10 million copies sold and hundreds of excellent reviews. You may find botw's open world dull or whatever and that's fine, but stop presenting your opinion as facts.


BOTW is great. It's overwhelming and intimate at the same time. No where close to fighting Gannon, I've been taking my sweet time with it.

Octopath has eaten up most of my Switch time.

winter_hill65d ago

Quite a good list, and thankfully it's not spread across 30 pages. Personally I don't agree with MGSV being on there, and GTA San Andreas is a glaring omission.

capjacksparrow65d ago

Crackdown higher than The Witcher 3? 🤔

Geobros64d ago

I think Zelda is much better than GTA V.