The Scariest Video Game Enemies Ever

From eyeless monsters in space to gigantic humanoid freaks, the following is a list that breaks down the scariest video game enemies fans have encountered so far.

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NecrumOddBoy1031d ago

Those zombies hanging around the future town in Ocarina of Time used to horrify the crap out of me

Gaming1011030d ago

Nothing screams "I was an infant playing videogames" more than being scared of anything in a Zelda game lol

orbital711030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )

alien isolation with great set of headphones in the dark FTW! tension gets unreal.

Fist4achin1030d ago (Edited 1030d ago )

I loved the alien in Alien isolation! Nemesis was great too.

orbital711030d ago

hell yeah dude nemesis was scarey as fk too, cant wait for the resi evil 3 remake!

Hungryalpaca1030d ago

I want a more refined sequel so bad.

ClayRules20121030d ago

Oh man, that was an experience. I never did finish that game. It scared me lol.

paintedgamer19841030d ago

The triangle head dude from Silent Hill is basically the only thing that comes to mind. He scared the F out of me.

orbital711030d ago

im an olde gamer i clearly rem the clocktower dude with the huoge scissors scaring the shit outa me

paintedgamer19841030d ago

Im an older gamer as well, sadly... i never got to play clocktower.

AK911030d ago

Laura from the Evil Within scared me sh*tless the first time I saw her and not to mention Safehead I've never been as nervous in a game as with him.

zozian1030d ago

Also the animation cut scenes is one of the best animation on YouTube

zozian1029d ago

Also the animation cut scenes is one of the best animation on YouTube , ,

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