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WTMG's Leo Faria: "Forza Horizon 4 maintains the tradition of providing players with an insane amount of cars, races, secrets to discover and much more. This is just pure fun, without a doubt the best Forza Horizon game ever made and one of the best racing games ever conceived."

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Jinger13d ago

Best racing game this gen right next to OnRush

IRetrouk13d ago

You liked onrush? I thought it was a bit crap to be honest, fh4 however looks amazing.

lptmg13d ago

I think that considering OnRush a racer is a bit harsh and that let a lot of people down. It's a combat game, almost a MOBA, but a good one at that

IRetrouk13d ago

It just didnt click with me man, i really tried to like it but i just found it a chore to play, was excited when i heard it was the ex driveclub devs, played it and near cried.

r3f1cul13d ago

INSANE amount of races really? its got statistically less races than every other forza ive ever played ... and most of those races are on tracks that feel virtually identical ... also i got 30 hours of playtime and im just shy of completion :/ kinda glad i got this on game pass to be perfectly honest because this has been the least bang for my buck forza game thus far ... its gorgeous and all but the content isnt there

lptmg13d ago

between the new races being added weekly with each new seasonal change and the fact you can create races of your own and share them among players, yeah, tons of races bud