New gameplay footage released for Remedy's Control, showing a new Boss battle

Playstation Access has released a new video, showing new gameplay footage from Remedy’s Control. In this video, Remedy’s Vida Staercevic and Playstation Access’ Holie attempt to defeat a new and intimidating boss battle, while also discussing about the game itself.

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cfc8313d ago

Quantum break 2 confirmed

Sam Fisher13d ago

Looks visually great, i just think its too grey. Overall awesome ill wait on reviews

Gaming4Life198113d ago

I enjoyed quantum break and this looks really good.

cfc8313d ago

It was a decent enough game. I just wonder where remedy are going. Having this game straight after QB seems uninspiring.

OB1Biker12d ago

Yea I was hoping for something more grounded. I d rather a more generic shooter (3rd person of course) but a focus on original story/ setting / characters

Moe-Gunz13d ago

Does Sony have marketing rights or something?

Sevir13d ago

They do. And that's natural, when you've partnered exclusively with a platform holder for nearly 12 years, naturally your first multiplatform game will be marketed with another platform holder. Bungie is a great example, Insomniac did that with Fuze.

sprinterboy13d ago

Totally forgot about this game but after watching playstation access with hollie I'm exited for this for sure.

Thundercat7713d ago

I just watch Playstation Access because of Hollie.

sprinterboy13d ago

Being from the UK, playstation access does playstation proud, great content from the crew. Mind boggles at our disagrees. Apparently gamers disagree I enjoy watching playstation access and looking fwd to control.

Snakeeater2513d ago

Not to sure about Ellie form the last of us getting super power :S

343_Guilty_Spark13d ago

Looks exactly like Quantum Break

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The story is too old to be commented.