Game Developers Say They're Preparing For PSN Name Changes

Kotaku: As PlayStation users across the world wonder whether they’ll ever get to change their names from (or to) xx_gokusephiroth420_xx, the option now seems closer than ever. Developers of multiplayer games tell Kotaku that they’re preparing for PlayStation Network name changes to finally come soon.

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zivtheawesome110d ago

Name Change YES! waited for this.

Eonjay110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

Actually Sony already said they were working on this months ago when they announced that they were working on crossplay. The real questing is what will gamers want next? Or is PlayStation all good now and maybe its time to work on charging for F2P on Xbox?

slate91110d ago

Where was xbox mentioned? You seem like you take this stuff seriously.

ZeroX9876110d ago

"Or is PlayStation all good now and maybe its time to work on charging for F2P on Xbox?"

Who cares about Xbox in a Playstation article?

great news for some users out there with usernames they had when they were kids and wants to change it to something else.
Fortunately for me, I've been using the same alias for years, so this ain't a game changer for me because I'm keeping my psn ID as is.

Jinger110d ago

"The real questing is what will gamers want next?"

You act like the consumer shouldn't have any say in how the service they pay monthly to should be improved. Having the basic ability to change your screen name should have already been there anyway. Maybe they'll ask for a better running and easier to navigate Store page, but I wouldn't want them to be put out...

You act like Sony is the only one changing things... MS has been changing and adding new stuff since the start of this gen. I do agree that they shouldn't lock F2P behind a paywall, but that doesn't mean we can't ask Sony to continue to improve as well.

I_am_Batman110d ago

I just want backwards compatibility on PS5 that isn't tied to a subscription.

KwietStorm110d ago

What will gamers want next? I don't even care about name changing, but there's a lot of features people have been asking for that we still don't have. Is there something wrong with requesting improvements on what you paid for?

Kribwalker110d ago

Free use of their PS2 emulator so you don’t have to pay again for games you already own i think

gangsta_red110d ago

"Or is PlayStation all good now and maybe its time to work on charging for F2P on Xbox?"

How about free multiplayer that's not behind a paywall, or is this only okay to have for F2P?

110d ago
AAWELLS09110d ago

Console war participant.

Sayai jin110d ago

Aaah...working on name changes for 10 plus years. Sounds challenging. I just started a new started new accounts years ago.

uth11110d ago

Sean Layden said at PSX2017 that he hoped that nobody would have to ask him that question by "next PSX"

so then they go and cancel the next PSX...

rainslacker110d ago

I'm sure something else will come along soon enough. Either that, or a year or two of complaining about how they're evil because it takes them so long to do stuff.

Otherwise, no reason to bring up Xbox.

jznrpg109d ago

@Zero Who cares about Xbox .

NewMonday109d ago


westerners can't pronounce my name, wanted a to used a simplified version for 10 years now

BizarroUltraman109d ago

ok but what's been taking so long. That's all No Biggie

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DarXyde109d ago

I've waited about 10 years for this.

...And honestly, knowing it may be a reality, I have no earthly idea what to change it to. 😂

NewMonday109d ago

also waited 10 years, wasn't a MP gamer back then so didn't put much thought into it, but had to stick with it because of purchases and trophies.

kneon109d ago

My PSN name wasn't my first choice, nor was it my 2nd, 3rd, ...28th. It was really hard to find a name that wasn't taken without adding weird characters, numbers etc. Finally I found one, I'm not going to bother to try again.

Rude-ro109d ago

After 120+ million accounts since ps3...
The real question is, what is left out there to change your name to?

Mr_cheese109d ago

I might get a lot of heat for this but I'd love to be able to change the DOB attached to my account. Mistakes were made as a youngen and now it's an absolutely saga if ever I forget my password or have some other issue.

yoshatabi109d ago

Same. Luckily I was am able to find the fake birthday my young dumb self used so I'm good. Lol

Sonyslave3110d ago (Edited 110d ago )

Oh shet I might change my name before I get report by some cupcake for having 666 in my name.

Eonjay110d ago

Your name has to be offensive to get banned. 666 is just childish. No one cares.

bloop110d ago

You'd be surprised at what people report. When I was on Live my bio used to read "nosey bastard, aren't you?" I got a one week ban for it. Ridiculous.

sprinterboy110d ago

If I ever see 666 in someones id/username etc I immediately think goth, emo, conspiracy, illuminati, end of the world, new world order nut job lol.

uth11110d ago

yeah but what is offensive? everybody is offended by different things and there are surely people who would find 666 offensive

JD_Shadow110d ago

@sprinterboy So you're real name is Alex Jones? :P

rainslacker110d ago

People can be offended over the stupidest things. One day I could be reported by someone who doesn't like lazy people, since I have "slacker" in my user name.

Sometimes I wonder if the bans are automatic, or require a mod to actually review it first....kind of like how YouTube just assumes that a copyright claim is valid before doing any research.

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gangsta_red110d ago

Change it to SoNySLaVe420_CALI_SmOkA

Hip and cool guaranteed

I_am_Batman110d ago

The hype that has built around a simple name change feature is cracking me up. This is almost as funny as the doom and gloom articles around Sony's cross play stance to me.

But if gamers really want it so badly I'm all for Sony allowing it. I just can't comprehend why people are making such a big deal about these things to begin with.

Sgt_Slaughter110d ago

This has been a feature requested for over 10 years now, it's taken way too long.

I_am_Batman110d ago

I know. The fact that it takes them so long has deservedly resulted in them being ridiculed for this. It doesn't make the feature itself more exciting though.

nighthawk3729109d ago


My username is Luvs2Spooge, based on the Warcraft episode of South Park... so yeah, I am a poopcake.


KwietStorm110d ago

Saw some guys name yesterday. "Poopcake." I'm not surprised at all that people want this feature badly.

I_am_Batman110d ago

Haha. Well in this specific case I totally understand that the user might be hyped about the feature. Are there really that many poopcakes though?

playnice110d ago

I thought the name change had something to do in preparing the network for PS5? I don't know if I made this up...

DrumBeat110d ago

The cross-play thing is a non-issue for most of us, but the name change is a basic feature that should have been present from day one.

FinalFantasyFanatic110d ago

I'm pretty happy with my PSN name, but I mulled over that for ages before I settled on it, glad I did, it's pretty unique compared to what some people come up with (although friends new to PSN get confused because now I have people copying me, they just add numbers after the name).

It's good for those who didn't put much thought into their name.

rainslacker110d ago

I think it just got stupid once it started being a point of criticism against Sony.

Before that, people asked, and Sony was pretty transparent that it wasn't as simple as enabling it, even explaining that it was due to the way their database was set up. Since I have managed databases, I can imagine any number of reasons why it wouldn't be simple.

Granted, it shouldn't take 10 years, but who knows when they actually started working on it.

FinalFantasyFanatic109d ago


Yeah, people clearly under-estimate how difficult it is to manage databases (I did it as a high school subject).

rainslacker109d ago

I spent about half of my 4 years getting my bachelors degree taking database classes. When I was done, I went into IT security instead, because databases are just a pain and tedious when you come into one that is already built, because the one that is already build it usually a complete mess.

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AizenSosuke110d ago

Final request from Playstation. Name changes and life will be goood.

LiamKreptic110d ago

Uh huh...people will find something new to complain about.

Spartacus10110d ago

Like complaining about people who complain to get a useful feature added.

BioShockGX109d ago

I have something to complain about. Where is the change store region feature?

FinalFantasyFanatic109d ago

@BioShockGX, I would love to be able to buy from other region's stores using my main account, even if I have to pay in their currency.