Where Does Nintendo Switch Go From Here?

Kevin Craig Writes: According to the Wall Street Journal, Nintendo is planning a revised version of Nintendo’s popular hybrid console for 2019. There weren’t many details provided, other than that it would “likely share many features with the current version and be compatible with existing Switch game software.”

Unfortunately, that doesn’t really give us much to go off of. The Nintendo Switch is undoubtedly a success, so we wanted to give our impressions on where we think Nintendo might go with the next iteration of their console.

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masterfox45d ago

who cares whatever could it be is going to be more of the same, mario , zelda and pokemons . ughhhh :/

Seraphim45d ago

No problem with more Mario and Zelda. Long as they continue to make solid entries into the series. I won't argue they should do more to create some new IPs but they do have some great IPs.

Really though, more software is where Nintendo needs to go from here. I didn't expect this year to be close to last years releases but still... it's been a year now and I've yet to buy a new Switch game. I do want to pick up MH Generations when I actually have time/desire to play it. Guess same can be said about Bayonetta since I've only played the first. Still, that makes a whopping 2 games this year I've been interested in and for good measure I'll throw Kirby in there because it does look somewhat fun in a limited capacity. 3rd party games are great but unless you only own a Switch they don't help anyone. I buy Playstation because of the software they create. I bought a Switch for that same reason. If things continue down this road by next year I'll be looking to sell. If it doesn't have the software it doesn't have space on/in my entertainment center.

kevnb44d ago (Edited 44d ago )

oh please, bayonetta, captain toad, mario kart, donkey kong, kirby, smash, splatoon, arms, xenoblade, octopath, fire emblem, metroid prime and they are just getting started. That doesn't even include multiplatform games that many people love playing on the go like hollow knight, celeste and stardew valley etc etc...

blawren444d ago

Perhaps if you have nothing to say, it is best to remain quiet. Where can they go from here? was the question.

Madmoose44d ago

Lol if the garbage that is psvr & it's abundance of tech demos isn't filling up landfills across the globe to capacity already, then the Switch has absolutely nothing to worry about.

TheColbertinator45d ago

Time for Fire Emblem and Metroid to take flight. The era of Switch excellence is far from over.

remixx11645d ago

Imagine a GameCube virtual console and (personal plee) a Kirby air ride 2, switch would go down as one of the all time greats

chris23545d ago

from where? they are already in the dustbin...

King_Noctis45d ago

Who threw them into dustbin?

Kcrizzle8744d ago

I'll be honest with you, I have little to no clue what a dust bin is.

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