Gears Of War 2 gets 9/10 in OXM

OXM UK has reviewed Gears of War 2 and given it 9/10.

The review is in the latest issue of OXM UK, which has gone on sale today, and they say "we reckon it's the biggest blockbuster you'll see this year."

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LTC3644d ago

9/10 from an Xbox magazine for Gears2 isnt looking good.

AngryHippo3644d ago say exactly the same thing when resistance 2 launches. OXM give honest reviews in my book, and 9/10 is an excellent score. I dont know what your idea of a good score is.

Sony Rep3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

I recall people saying that Resistance 2 wasn't sh!t compared to Gears 2, and that Gears will pwn all this holiday. A 9/10 for Resistance is just proving you Xbutz wrong.

For such a big title, the flagship title for the 360, this score is disappointing.

Not even a 9.5,9.1, 9.2, 9.3, 9.4?? LOL LMAO

X-butz, assed out, again. Gears 1.5 confirmed.

Note: I am in the Resistance 2 beta, and it rocks! Fun competitive online and co-op. The campaign will be the iceing on the cake, baby. Can't wait!! Bigger improvement over Resistance 1. The weapons and gameplay are much more refined and FUN.

@dro: Nah. Eurogamer gave the first one an 8/10. So, Gears 2 will probably get the same score or a 7. LMAO.

@Sena Kobayakawa: Do you remember all the 10's Halo got? I sure do. Anything less is a disappointment, especially for a flagship title. Don't forget, this is also the OFFICIAL XBOX MAGAZINE.

dro3644d ago


i was expecting a 10 from them!!!! this shows gears wll be getting loads 8 from reviews. but eurogamer will give it a 10

Sena Kobayakawa3644d ago

Take Notes people.
sonyrep wrote:
"For such a big title, the flagship title for the 360, this score is disappointing."

9/10 is dissapointing now

WTF is going on in your head?

this isnt even funny , I dont feel like writing the MAX SPEED line on this one

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3644d ago

...the P.C version out next year will get a 10/10!!! ;-D
I'll wait for the Better P.C version!!!;)
(Saying that the Videos i watched made me feel ill, the camera jerking alover the place, it didn't do it for me really, i'll pass on this one!!!)

Keele3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

You'll pass on it because it's not like you'll be able to play it anyway, moron.

robotnik3644d ago

the bots are in fully damage control mode today xD

Lanoire3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Shiatass ending. Honestly who the hell does cliffy turd now thinks that he is. He was biatchslapping how MGS4 is slow and all but his game is even slower. MGS4 gave us the most epic 2 hour ending of the current gen. GeOW2 has a shiatas ending which is the exact same as GeOW1.

The game is ridiculously glitchy and its clear that the game is not DONE. They pushed this game in November release so they could benefit from the holiday sales but what they are doing is actually screwing consumers.

And then the multi player. Damn, ridiculously slow. I cant see how anyone can play that and enjoy themselves after COD4.

Its just not hectic, intense, chaotic and warlike enough. Should have known when its 5v5.

CloudsEnd3644d ago

Oh hell, look what youve done, u made Sena mad!
Jeez, spoiled all my fun. NO MAX SPEED THIS TIME MAKES ME SAD.
Jeez i gonna buy it anyways.. I love to chop those f*cking Locust with my Lancer...


Eiffel3644d ago

Gears 2 is not coming to PC

Also a 9/10 is not bad at all, better than what I can say for Haze.

Joejoefhosho3643d ago

The whole point is that Gears1.5 SUPPOSED to be XBOX360 SAVIOR this year since all they have is "FLOPS" arcoss the board, ZERO AAA - NOT EVEN FABLE2

Add to that, LBP getting 10s and 95/96 meta-critic arcoss the board


You lose, bots.

You can rub all the flops PS3 has but REMEMBER, XBOX360 has FLOPS too

Flops don't define a console, GREAT AAA games DOES!!!!!!!!!!

And what do you know?

PS3 this year has MGS4 and LBP already, all way above 90%

FABLE didn't relieved (<90% meta critic, NOT AAA) and Gears1.5 received a 90% EXACT in the XBOT MAGAZINE, it's pretty much NOT GONNA GET AAA STATUS with more REVIEWS (LBP received 6 perfect 10s before the first none perfect score, btw). Of course, BOTS will still buy this game BECAUSE THEY HAVE NO OTHER CHOICE DUHHHHH all great EXCLUSIVES (highest scores) BELONG TO THE ps3 this year.

You lose, BOTS.

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Horny3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

Interesting, let the flaming begin, omg it didnt get a perfect 10.
Im actually impressed with OXM lately, they do give good reviews. I predict mostly 9s and 9.5s. Average of about 9.2

Ps3Fanboy7773644d ago

Waiting for other reviews.

Horny3644d ago

No game is perfect, the highest I would have rated a game this year is 9.8. Regardless its still a great game, lately reviews have been better and not everybody is caught up in the hype anymore.

green3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

EDITED: No game deserves a 10.9.8 would be the maximum i would give a game because no matter how good you feel a game is there is always a way to improve it.

SL1M DADDY3644d ago

This little place they call the third rock from the sun, a score of 9 is very good if not awesome. Looks like this will be another great game to add to the pain my wallet is going through right now. lol

It's good to be a gamer!

robotnik3644d ago

interesting boobs indeed

Lanoire3644d ago

Dead space received a 6.5 from OXM.

And haha another 360 exclusive receives a 9 from OXM. WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED!!!!

Interesting how Fallout 3 received a higher score and interesting how GeOW2 didnt got a 10 from the OFFICIAL xbox magazine.
Rofl I fear that GeOW2 is truly an overhyped piece of POS.

JOLLY13644d ago

On a side note...hahahahahaha! "a piece of pos".... Do you know what the p and the o stand for?or do you just like being redundant? This website doesn't care about your opinion. Try and stick to one user acccount.

masterg3644d ago


No game is perfect. That doesn't mean no game deserves a 10.
A 10 is for a game being the best it can be at this point in time.
The year later than might only be worth a 9.5.

If the gaming experience is a 10 out of 10, then the game is a 10, even if there are minor things you would like to see changed.

marinelife93644d ago

Didn't they also give Fable 2 and 8.0? Are they sure they're the Official Xbox 360 magazine?

Sarcasm3644d ago

I agree with OXM's score. The game is a 9/10. Doesn't deserve any less, but unfortunately doesn't deserve more.

Great gameplay, graphics are excellent, characters as crazy as ever, but storyline is good not amazing.

First day Purchase (even though I beat it already)

Thomazii3644d ago

OXM is pretty HARSH on them 360 games these days man...

I aint no fanboy but i am glad i chose the xbox360 this holiday.. Fable, Gears, Banjo..

And I own a ps3 ;) .. i have the Resistance beta.. but that looked pretty ugly (same as part 1) and is pretty boring..

Though imma get LBP maiin.. i would at least like tot try that game .. cuz my ps3 has been eating dust for a year now xD becuz i hate MGS xD sooo no much choise

u got owned3644d ago

G 1.9 marinelife9

OXM gave the game a 9.5/10, OXM UK gave it a 8/10

n4gzz3644d ago

opm is same way. They give low score but they are very detail in reviews. They don't hide fault. I like both OPM and OXM. IGN is another reliable source for me.

power of Green 3644d ago

Let the flaming begin?

You posted first setting that tone, only one type of fan would make a big deal of it.

Spare us your predictions lol.

mikeslemonade3644d ago

It's a 9 because they expected to see a bigger jump. Epic kind of outdone themselves with Gears 1 visuals and now the 2nd comes out with the same Unreal Engine 3 it isn't all that groundbreaking or different compared to the 1st one.

Alright Fable got a 9.5 from the same magazine and only has a metacritic of 8.9 the last time i checked, so if that's any indication Gears 2 is going to get around a 9 as well and maybe even lower.

Cliff Bull-Shit-ski3644d ago

Official PlayStation Magazine was honest and gave HAZE a 3!

I still don't trust any of the consoles "official magazines" though.

My most trusted are: IGN, EuroGamer, and sometimes XPLAY(I like to hear why they gave something a certain score before I trust their reviews). GameSpot gave R&C Future: ToD a 7.5! Like WOW WTF?! IGN is by far the most trustworthy but still not 100%. The gave GTAIV a 10 overall and a 10 in graphics...are you fvcking kidding me? The pop-in on the 360 version of GTAIV was absurd and even though the PS3 version ran slightly smoother with less pop-in, the graphics were no where near a 10! They gave everything in GTAIV a 10! The sound was not amazing and the story was pretty good but not as good as the reviewer said - "the story is Oscar quality"! GTAIV getting a 10 made MGS4s 10 not look as amazing. IGN was clearly paid a little something under the table.

DISCIPLE1113644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

i cant stop looking at your avatar Deee187 lol

ON TOPIC: as long as its just as entertaining as the 1st one, then its a perfect 10 for me. I mean if gears one kept ppl playing since 2006, then i know this will do the same more than likely. an it may not be a HUGE improvement graphically but it damn sure isn't ugly, add hours of non stop fun online and I say it deserves a 10.

Cliff Bull-Shit-ski3640d ago

BTW I wasn't serious about trusting EuroGamer! They are so inconsistent and almost alway have an opposite opinion to everyone else!


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mll093644d ago

And ur a noob, glad we got that out of the way.

Keele3644d ago

Aw, look at the little badass.

Sena Kobayakawa3644d ago (Edited 3644d ago )

9/10 is far from the flop a few people were predicting this game to be. Fanboys just stop the wreckless bashing. I know true gamers will enjoy the game and even if they dont like it as much because its not their type of game they will atleast give the game props it deserve

Im of to another thread with my MAX SPEED!

edit: Funniest thing about the peope who are pressing the Disagree button you all own a PS3.

jwatt3644d ago

I'm a ps3 fanboy but Gears 2 is my most wanted game then LBP. Some people just can't like a game because it's on another console.

It's good to own both consoles.

Final_Rpg3644d ago

I clicked the agree button and I own a ps3 ONLY. Suddenly I regret my choice.

Sarcasm3644d ago

Who in their crack head minds said Gears 2 will flop? Even if Gears 2 was Gears 1.00009, it'd still sell millions and people will still enjoy every bit of it. Though it's not perfect, it's still a must have 360 game.