Monthly charts: FIFA 19 takes the crown but Spider-Man is the real king (UK)

12 new entries made it to September’s charts, with FIFA taking the top spot despite underwhelming sales.

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Nyxus67d ago

"Sony’s Spider-Man had to settle for No.2 for its first month in the charts but is still an incredible success, shifting 44 per cent more copies than Uncharted 4 did on its first month, 94 per cent more than Horizon Zero Dawn and 138 per cent more than God of War."


bouzebbal67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

what ? i thought GOW was the fastest selling PS4 exclusive before Spiderman?

sampsonon67d ago

I think that was for the opening 3 day sales.

AspiringProGenji66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Each PS Exclusives exceeds the next

Now that’s what I call consistency and greatness

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Nyxus67d ago


"The PS4 did (again, unsurprisingly) exceptionally well in September, taking a 62.8 per cent market share compared to 40.4 per cent in August."

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gravedigger66d ago

6 days ago :

Xbox One Shows Fastest Sales Growth Rate In The UK, According To Argos; PS4 Still Market Leader

According to one retailer, right. LOL

starchild66d ago

That is impressive. For me it's not as good as those three games, but it's solid and obviously Spiderman is an extremely popular character and brand.

elazz67d ago (Edited 67d ago )

Well knowing that in the the first month uncharted 4 sold around 280k only in the UK that means Spider man is at 410k physical copies by now. And including digital around 600k.

And if these ratios apply worldwide and are similar, which I believe is the case since the launch week was also 50% more than uncharted 4 than by global sales are around 4.2m physical copies and 6.3m including digital.

So the predictions of 10m once the holiday period is over is quite likely.

Relientk7767d ago

Nice, Spider-Man still killing it.

Stanjara67d ago

How are people still buying GTAV? I mean it's great but still.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod66d ago

New people buy consoles every day...GTA is an ever green title that most people buy when they pick up a console....

WANNAGETHIGH66d ago (Edited 66d ago )

Am one of those just now playing GTA5 on current Gen consoles, PS4 for the first time. I only played the game once on ps3

Gahl1k66d ago

I haven't bought GTA V yet...

66d ago
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