RUMOR: Free PlayStation Plus Games for November 2018 Leaked via Official Website

PlayStation Plus Games for November 2018 have been accidentally leaked by Playstation on their website. Includes yakuza Kiwami.

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lxeasy2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

I don't believe any rumors anymore regarding free months for plus and Gold. They always seem to be fake. I'll just wait towards the end of each month so that Ps and Xbox could just officially announce the games.

Cmv382112d ago

While you're right as far as rumors, this isn't a rumor, it's a leak. This is more likely to occur than a rumor. But Sony could change the offering. I hope they don't.

bloop2112d ago (Edited 2112d ago )

Yes, and Nioh coming to PS+ for this month was also a "leak."


ShadowWolf7122112d ago

That wasn't a leak from Sony's own site. That was a screenshot faked by someone.

Ready4nxtgen2112d ago

Yeah i got duped thinking Nioh was free this month because i went amd traded it in smh. Thank god its only $20 so i just baught it again

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GTgamer2112d ago

This would definitely make up for last month

Araragifeels 2113d ago

I don't know about that. Anything could change during this month until the first Tuesday of the next month. But I would be happy, if this was next plus line up.

Nyxus2113d ago

Good, I hope this will introduce more people to the Yakuza series.

MrSugarholic2112d ago

Yeah it will. When PS plus had Yakuza 4, was when I got into the series.

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Kashima2113d ago

I don't trust, we got fooled by Diabolo 3 and Nioh for this month

Araragifeels 2113d ago

Well it actually appearing on the PlayStation website but there could be changes to the line up in a month.

monkey6022112d ago

Employees have come forward to say Yakuza is true

jaymacx2112d ago

Yeah, I am tired of these rumors and predictions. I just wait for the official announcement.

subtenko2112d ago

new rumored dev ps+ leaked, smash 5 and halo wars

No Way2112d ago

I don't even know when "official announcment's" take place.. I just look every couple week to see if it changed.

Eidolon2112d ago

True, but those games were too good to be true. These games are actually much more believable.

neutralgamer19922112d ago

This makes sense let people play yakuza kiwame and even if 25% of them become fans if the series all other games will sell more

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