Spider-Man’s lead writer on what to expect in the upcoming DLC

Spider-Man lead writer Jon Paquette tells Polygon that lots of original ideas were thrown away in the creation of Insomniac’s latest game. But the upcoming DLC hasn’t been cobbled together from the extra bits left on the cutting room floor. Quite the opposite, in fact.

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Profchaos13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I've never ever seen such a high percentage of people actually platnuim a AAA full release game currently 9.7% of players have platnuimed the title.

Typically you will only see 0.1% to around 2% of players platnuim a game. Eg fallout 4 has 2%
That's basically unprecedented unless the games sole purpose was to unlock a platnuim trophy or it was a tell tale title

nikrel13d ago

I've not yet but working on it. Seems reasonable for a trophy set. Most are just to hard.

Skull52112d ago

Already 100%'ed the game, sorry, on to other games already, not interested.

Magic_Spatula13d ago

I've platinumed the game and it's the only game I've platinumed. Honestly, it's not very hard to get. If you dabble in everything the game has to offer then you'll get the trophies pretty easily. There was only one trophy I didn't know how to get so I looked it up.

Profchaos13d ago

I found it slightly grindy only because I never really stopped to complete the crimes in each district. But if you were to play a few in each district when they pop up it would be very easy.

badz14913d ago

it's an easy platinum but I don't mind because it's an amazing game and it doesn't force you to grind for the Platinum like most other games. you can play the game how you want and the Platinum is still yours.

Ceaser985736113d ago (Edited 13d ago )

It has been 1st or 2nd platinum trophy for alot of gamers. Spiderman was my 37th Platinum trophy... Cant wait to start AC ODY and will have to do my best to get the platinum before Red dead 2 drops.

Profchaos13d ago

I'd be very impressed if you actually achieved that I'm sure it will be a massive trophy roadmap

Ceaser985736113d ago


Ya AC ODY plat is easy but time consuming. To much grinding to activate story mission.. RDR 2 gonna be tough and again time consuming as well..

GGEZ13d ago

the plat is really easy to get, not to mention the game heavily lacks content and challenge. You could plat it in a weekend easy.

Ceaser985736113d ago

The game does have its fair share of content and with the DLC coming Spiderman will be looking great.

CarlDechance13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

lol....bullshit. There is a ton of content and the only way you are going to plat the game in a weekend is if you forego sleep and stay in front of your TV playing the game for 30 hours straight.

conanlifts13d ago

I agree but Fallout is probably not the best example to compare it to. It can take a few hundred hours to platinum fallout.

Profchaos13d ago

Yeah true I platnuimed it in two play throughs all up I probably spent 6 days combined on both saves I'd say it's possible with proper planning to platnuim it in about 100 hours.

But to give another example watchdogs 2 was fairly easy and quick for an open world platnuim and only 2.6% of players platnuimed it.

mt13d ago

doing all crimes over all districts are tiresome. other than that all trophies are really enjoyable and not hard to do.

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AK9113d ago

After finding out that Sam Maggs (girl who claimed she was virtually raped in GTA 5) was involved in this and other DLC I'm not sure how to feel about playing this.

Profchaos13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Say what? Edit I just googled wow she's dumb

Gwiz13d ago

We're going to find out,hopefully there's no exhausted faces oot and aboot.

kevnb13d ago

I find it best to stop thinking about these things, I expect content creators to be fubar.

Madmoose13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

I clicked on to get a better look at the thumbnail. Jesus, is that black cat??? If so dear God, what did they do to my girl cat? She looks like a worse off Caitlyn Jenner with cement mistakingly injected into her cheeks for Botox.

GGEZ13d ago

yeah. For some reason they gave her a nasty manjaw.

CarlDechance13d ago glad you could find something to whine about.

Madmoose12d ago (Edited 12d ago )

You mean like we see your clown @rse doing incessantly about Xbox Fanboys or Microsoft in general? That's some rich shit coming from a hypocrite like yourself. There are countless examples of you whining and shit about Microsoft & Xbox fanboys virtually every single day. So fix your shit before you worry about what I'm doing.

CarlDechance12d ago (Edited 12d ago ) should really read your own post history! That says more than I could try to. 😂

Cartman5512512d ago

I thought she looked good...

Immorals13d ago

Think this is a case of too late for me. So many other games out now that I won't have time for dlc

madforaday12d ago

Okay, it isn't like it is timed DLC. I never understood the concept of too late in the video game industry. I never played Donkey Kong 64... I have now, it is never too late unless it is a PvP game lol

jamsik12d ago

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