‘Phantom Hourglass’ and the Danger of Gimmicks

Phantom Hourglass does not have just one main gimmick. On top of being played entirely with touch controls, Phantom Hourglass includes a drawing based sailing system, a customizable ship, map focused note-taking, and a central dungeon that Link revisits periodically over the course of his adventure.

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NecrumOddBoy922d ago

Phantom Hourglass was incredible and it's touch design was really creative. Ninja Gaiden on DS also used touch but held like a book, that was excellent.

EddieNX 921d ago

I absolutely loved Phantom hourglass. And Spirit tracks. Both games had some of thepst creative puzzles in the entire series imo. I loved how you had to keep going back to that tower and progressing a little further each time.

They were both incredible.