Staff in the video games industry are protesting their working conditions

A new movement is taking place and it calls for better treatment of workers within the gaming industry.

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CaitSith103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

One of the tweets pointed out how she wanted a female software engineer to work with. How about this: maybe the reason for that is because women in general aren't interested in that profession? Just a thought.

Seraphim103d ago

there's a lot of women developers. However, that issue mentioned hardly qualifies as bad working conditions or something worth protesting over. It's rather laughable that something like that is mentioned.

We all know developers are crammed into cubicles working a million hours a day and two million during crunch time. Just like 99% of workers they are also underpaid. But the point is there are actual issues and real problems with what goes on inside game studios. Requesting and not receiving a female software engineer is not one of them.

minesweeper98d ago

That's an old one - people are simply not "interested". Let's put aside the fact that you don't have anything to base it on, it's simply like saying 200 years ago - well, perhaps women simply aren't interested going outside the house and be a business woman. Man aren't interested in being introspective or are interested in playing with toy soldiers, do manly stuff, when they are little boys. (Why then do we use education? why is it so different for boys and girls - typically - in the west world?)

Or, in general, that a person simply isn't interested in stuff - no in-depth reason, no education aspect, nor history. Things are as they are.

What do you think?

Profchaos103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

Remember the wives of rockstar letter it's not new it's been ongoing ever since games had release dates