Does Xbox Have A Fighting Chance Come Next Generation?

While Microsoft has certainly steered the Xbox ship away from the murky waters which plagued the Xbox One at launch, there have also been key factors which have also created unsavory challenges for the Xbox manufacturer.

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ArchangelMike106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

I think XbScarlet does. They've got new first party studios, no doubt a beast of a powerhouse next gen console, and I'm sure they'll want to launch before Sony. Sony can't afford to let up and rest on their laurels. But XbScarlet will need killer exclusives to go up against the Sony First party Juggernauts that will launch alongside the PS5. Sony will likely still push VR next gen and so might have the edge interms of ancillary value for the PS5.

Shadowolf106d ago (Edited 106d ago )


Launching before the PS5 does seem like the best course of action, however it will be somewhat tricky since the Xbox One X just launched less than a year ago and next-gen rumors are targeting a 2020 timeframe. For the Xbox Scarlett (regardless of its power) Microsoft will certainly need to showcase some stellar games, and as you stated mainly some impressive exclusives in order to build significant interest. I'm certain the revolving door of Gears, Halo and Forza will not be enough. In addition, the Xbox One X has taken way the marketing angle of simply building hype based on power with no games. Just showcasing 3rd party games will not work for their new and powerful next-gen system since the hype and PS4 momentum will certainly propel the PS5 forward. Ultimately, Microsoft definitely has their work cut out!

IamTylerDurden1106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

Xbox certainly has some catching up to do in the VR space as well. Eventually VR will become the preferred medium. It might take several generations to do it, but it will happen. At some point MS needs to dive in and be willing to build a VR infrastructure. It might not be immediately profitable so i can see why they are hesitant, but the future depends on it. And please, if you do it, actually do it. No more typical bs like they did with Scorpio. They straight lied to people about VR pertaining to the X because they were trying to take hype away from Sony and sell preorders.

JaguarEvolved105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

No. Why would any sane gamer that isn't a fanboy and knowledgeable about the past 20 years of the gaming industry would want to buy a next generation Xbox? A few people may buy the next Xbox but a lot won't. The few good things Microsoft are doing to garner attention from gamers now are a waste of time and only can fool a gullible person. People with sense would rather companies that have been constantly making amazing games and building gaming Studios from years ago .

Sono421105d ago

I think you're right, the X releasing so close to the release of the next Xbox is problematic, but I think people forget that Microsoft's core fanbase is pretty die hard. I honestly believe that even if Microsoft kept their initial DRM policies the Xbox One would have sold just about the same numbers at launch, down the road probably not as many, but at launch almost identical. What they have to do is win over others with more exclusives like Nintendo and Sony does, but they also really shot themselves in the foot by releasing all exclusives on PC now as well, so it's hard to say, but it does seem like they are trying to improve their first party selection so we'll see.

fiveby9105d ago

MS will have a tough time as so many gamers have invested their money in a current gen Sony games lineup and many of their gaming friends are on PSN now. With expected backward compatibility, a sizeable investment already made, and relationships already established on one platform, it is a real uphill battle for MS. Let alone they don't exactly have a sterling reputation anymore for producing exclusive content. But that said, Sony needs to continue to deliver the goods. If they do, many will stick with them.

Skull521105d ago

Still unclear of what next gen looks like. If Xbox is offering it's content across all sorts of devices how is that counted in a "console war" or whatever you want to call it? I think we're about to enter some new territory that can't be judged by the traditional means.

Poopmist105d ago

Jaguar, probably because they enjoy playing racing games and Halo

Army_of_Darkness105d ago

Ms will definitely have a fighting chance!...... If every gamer keeps looking forward to gears, Forza, halo and more crackdown promises & chit-chat. then sure ;)

haydenlake105d ago

You mentioned 2020 as the target year, but honestly i think 2021 is more realistic as it would mark 20 years since the first Xbox.

UltraNova105d ago


"Still unclear of what next gen looks like. If Xbox is offering it's content across all sorts of devices how is that counted in a "console war" or whatever you want to call it? I think we're about to enter some new territory that can't be judged by the traditional means."

That right there ^^^ is someone who admitted defeat before the fight even began and it was the most pathetic preemptive goal post moving- to cover the almost certain next gen defeat comment I've seen. Seriously...

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Obscure_Observer106d ago


"and I'm sure they'll want to launch before Sony."

Forget it. Sony launched the PS4 Pro 3 years after the PS4. Microsoft launched the Xbox One X 4 years before the Xbox One X.

With all the rumors surrounding a PS5 launch in 2019, there´s absolutely ZERO chance Microsoft release their next gen console with the X been in the market for only 2 years!

Not gonna happen.

ArchangelMike106d ago

I don't know man. Microsoft have been on the warpath lately. Plus PS5 won't launch in 2019 in all probability, 2020 was the earliest estimate from their last financial report conference.

WickedLester105d ago


LOL so basically what you're saying is there's nothing MS can do to satisfy you. Like I said, creating great AAA IP's takes time. You don't magically pull them out of your ass. MS just released the highly acclaimed Forza Horizon 4, Ori and the Will of the Wisps was announced and looks gorgeous. Halo Infinite was announced. A new Gears of War was announced. 4 new studios were acquired to make new games. I mean, like I said, I'm not an Xbox fan but how you can look at what they are doing and not recognize that they are on the right path?

nismo370105d ago

PS5 won't launch in 2019

rainslacker105d ago

I think they would at least announce it with some details, along with how the current x1x fits into the next then if applicable. Ms wouldn't want to let Sony have a year to itself on the market, although most next gen games likely won't fully utilize the system until after the first year.

I do agree a same year launch would probably not be a good idea for ms, although waiting a year could have it's own problems. Ms is kind of in pickle, because there is no clear cut solution. They're best just releasing when they're ready with the product they want to release, and not worrying about reacting to Sony and what ever they bring, because Sony could easily just do another mid gen to put them on equal ground with ms if they release much later.

BlackTar187104d ago

How terrible is it to keep one-upping your customers so close together? What a scam if you think they should shoot themselves in the foot and outpace the UBER expensive Xbox x

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BehindTheRows105d ago

Exactly what "warpath" have they been on that has been any real threat to what Sony's doing?

WickedLester105d ago

I think he just means that MS has made a lot of bold moves over the last 3 years to try and better position themselves to compete. Just in the last 3 years they initiated BC, launched a better designed X1 with the S, launched a more powerful console with the X, launched Game Pass, added new Live features, acquired new studios, etc.

I'm not an Xbox fan whatsoever but anyone can see that MS is trying.

paintedgamer1984105d ago

My sentiment exactly...

Ive seen so many xbox people say, Phillip Spencer isnt messing around now...

Its like are we watching the same xb1 gen?

yomfweeee105d ago

All Microsoft has done doesn't mean anything if they can't create new exclusive good IP. Buying studios doesn't guarantee that and Microsoft doesn't have a good track record in that department.

BehindTheRows105d ago

@WickedLester: Trying and being “on a warpath” are two entirely different sentiments. And really, I don’t think they’re “trying” all that hard, either.

WickedLester105d ago (Edited 105d ago )


"I dont think they're trying that hard..."

LOL what more can they do? Great IP's aren't created overnight. It takes time and yes, for this generation it's too late. But you can't deny that MS has made a lot of positive moves to better position themselves going into next generation.

BehindTheRows105d ago

@WickedLester: Again, improving and “trying hard” are not the same thing. And no one said that these things happen overnight, but it’s never too late to create new properties for a generation. Lest we forget The Last Of Us launched 5 months before the PS4 released.

Petebloodyonion104d ago

"Because its racing. And racing games are a niche genre that doesnt appeal to as wide an audience as a Marvel licensed open world action/adventure game."

And that is exactly the problem why MS will never win vs Sony regarding 1st party game
gamers perception toward Sony's 1st party game is that they are godly and the best ( they are great not saying otherwise) and media knows that and won't go against the grains (that explains why MGS5 scored lots of perfect 10 because fans wanted it to be perfect)

Gamers perception toward Forza is like you said it, It's just a racing game but the truth is it's an open world game just like Spiderman but puts you in the role of a car instead of a human.
the graphical difficulties are the same, the freedom is the same + plus you have a multiplayer component.

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DrumBeat105d ago

PlayStation has a bigger name than Xbox. Even after all these years, the name 'PlayStation' is more familiar to people. It's older and more celebrated. They've also never really had a bad generation. If I had to pick a bad generation, I'd have to go with PS3, but even it was good.

To really take the fight to Sony they're going to need lots of AAA games, and they're going to have to mix it up. They can't all be MP or GaaS games. They need those story-driven, single player experiences as well. They need to come out swinging next gen, with power and games. Historically, Sony are at their weakest at the beginning of a generation, and Microsoft can capitalize on that, but will they? We'll see.

Shadowolf105d ago

@DrumBeat, You make a great point!

Petebloodyonion105d ago

How can they compete with a great single story experience when they will not be judged on the same level?
Forza 4 Horizon just got out got a 9 out 10 (what does it need to get a 10?) and 4 articles related to the game in the past weeks on Gamespot.
Yet Spiderman still score tons of articles daily with ads on the site
Now guess which game will be a candidate as a game of the year?

The same applies to a 3rd party game
When will Assassin's Creed get a 10 and win GOTY?
Farcry? Call of Duty? Dark souls?
Games that change the fundamentals mechanics and get copied a lot but are never given credits or perfect score.

So yeah, even if MS would pull the best storytelling game, the game would probably fare average due to small media space and no credits aside from the Xbox award. SEE Insomniac's Sunset Override. Ori the blind Forest

ArchangelMike105d ago

I don't think Sony will be in a weak position going into next-gen this time around. They will have new launch IP's sure, but I think we'll see alot of cross-gen games to boost PS5 launch lineup. Games like Death Stranding, Last of Us 2, Ghost of Tsushima could all be cross-gen PS4/PS5 launch titles. Then you have studios like Guerilla Games who will probably launch Horizon Zero Dawn 2 on PS5. And we don't know what Naughty Dog's second studio is working on either - it could be a launch title for PS5 for all we know. If Sony learns from MS and enable backwards compatibility for the PS5, then it's all over really - the PS5 will have the best launch line up of any console generation ever.

WickedLester105d ago (Edited 105d ago )


Because its racing. And racing games are a niche genre that doesnt appeal to as wide an audience as a Marvel licensed open world action/adventure game. People have known that FH is a quality series for years now. The problem is not enough gamers give a shit.

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Jinger105d ago

Not sure why you have gotten so many downvotes. Seems pretty logical.

DrumBeat105d ago

Because it wasn't a completely pro-Sony post. It was devoid of the usual sycophantic tripe, and it entertained the idea that Xbox could actually be successful if it played its cards right. He gave Xbox an avenue. On N4G, the mere idea of Xbox success irritates this hive. Though this has been the MO on N4G for awhile, and not at all a new phenomena, I'm noticing more and more people point this garbage out.

Xbox has a chance, but it's going to have to go above and beyond. I'm not sure matching Sony would be enough. Microsoft need a major leg up in terms of games.

lelo2play105d ago

It will always be between Nintendo and Sony. Xbox nextgen console will always be the 3rd choice, unless Microsoft changes their views drastically in relation to consoles...

lollord105d ago

Yea nintendo really crushed them with the gamecube and wii u. They are very hit or miss.

paintedgamer1984104d ago (Edited 104d ago )


But for that to even happen 99% of the upper xbox suits need to be fired, let go, or simply put in another position not related to xbox. I dont need to name any of these people as im sure most gamers know exactly who im talking about. I dont even understand how these people still have a job. Phillip Spencer even sucks. I dont agree with most of things he does but its the things that come out of his damn mouth that really shows how much of a gamer he isnt or understands what gamers as a whole even want. Ive never seen so many idiotic comments made by 1 individual... like when he said single player games dont matter or most gamers dont care about 60 fps i was like fire this guy NOW... the comments like these that he makes cripples the damn xbox. When i truly want to see xbox succeed and i cant because of really dumbass decisions made by ms. xbox 1 failures cant be summed up as 1 big problem its a multitude of fnck ups since 2013. Im suprised the xb1 has done as well as it has, if it was not for the loyal fanbase xbox as a whole would have went down the toilet.

AspiringProGenji105d ago

I’ll still wait for the PS5

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Godmars290105d ago

And if they focus on "community" game, services, then MS will be right were they are now: insisting they've got the best system to play games on, but nothing of real interest to the general market. Just the one they've got now.

bluefox755105d ago

Let's say they do release before Sony, what do you think will happen? Sony will release theirs a year later, with more powerful hardware and actual good games. What do you think their 100 million user base is gonna choose?

S2Killinit105d ago

They have a chance to do good but not to outdo PlayStation.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod105d ago

Clueless...Outside the US and uK xbox is niche, nothing is going to change unless Sony shits the bed.

JesusBuiltmyHotrod105d ago

LOL, they cannot just launch all depneds on hardware availability, and both MS and sony have the same supplier in AMD. It was a lot of circumstances that allowed MS to launch the 30 first and PS3 gotm delayed...That wont happen again now they are both using X86.

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hench07106d ago

If the $99 next gen Xbox is true then they should have NA on lock, but Europe/Japan might still be a challenge.

Obscure_Observer106d ago (Edited 106d ago )


"No way Scarlet will be $99"

Pherhaps he´s reffering to the Cloud Console Version of the Scarlet. However, i personally didn´t heard nothing about a $99 price tag though.

pinkcrocodile75105d ago

@Obscure_Observer "i personally didn´t heard nothing about a $99 price tag though. "

I personally haven't heard ANYTHING …

SuperSonic91104d ago

The next Xbox will be another launch disaster like all the past Xboxes. Trust me.

Shadowolf106d ago

A $99 next-gen Xbox is extremely far-fetched! Not happening, sorry!

Brave_Losers_Unite105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

$99 next gen Xbox? Yeah, I'm not interested in mobile gaming graphics. You need to stop listening to Alex Jones' brother

DVAcme105d ago

I'd like to see how the hell they sell shareholders on a $99 system, cause that'd be selling the system at an ENORMOUS loss. Every new game system always starts selling at a loss, but this would be so massive that the amount of games they'd have to sell to break even would be in the dozens per system. This is a ridiculous theory.

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IamTylerDurden1106d ago (Edited 106d ago )

Sony has dominated this gen and three of the past four. They have the advantage in terms of first party infrastructure and VR. But MS has immense resources and the motivation of being embarrassed this gen. Of course they have a chance next gen, but i think they realize that unless Sony makes a huge mistake they just can't go toe to toe with them the way they attempted to this gen or they are likely to get outclassed....again. MS needs a different approach, a niche, and they know this. If MS is successful it'll be through a different strategy. Streaming, GaaS, PC, this is their chance. But releasing another expensive console head to head and getting trounced in the exclusive games category yet again is not a likely recipe for victory. It's not just Sony, Nintendo is booming as well.

Do they have a chance? Yes.

Are they the front-runners? Hell no.

conanlifts105d ago

I agree. With Sony hinting at increasing its first party offerings and Microsoft expanding their studios, next gen could be the best yet.

WickedLester105d ago (Edited 105d ago )

I think MS knows their success does not lie with console market share. That's why they don't even bother releasing those numbers anymore. It's pointless. They simply cannot compete with Sony on that level. MS' success lies in profitability by creating more revenue streams. That's why they opened all of their IP's to the PC market. That's why they didn't pull Minecraft from other platforms when they acquired Mojang. That's why they created Game Pass. That's why they are getting into game streaming.

SuperSonic91104d ago

Another didastrous launch for Next Xbox for sure if they don't get better people.

paintedgamer1984104d ago

They honestly just need to keep what they are doing by keeping revenue comming into the xbox. While i dont agree with most the shit they are doing now, i cant deny from a business standpoint how smart these actions were. I never want to see ms die and by offering gaas and other things it will ensure $ is still comming to the brand. I hope they are successful in new ip's because thats the main thing gamers are interested in.

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