Rainbow Six Siege players want forgiveness for teamkilling

Ubisoft has been silent on the request from players since the game’s release.

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NovusTerminus107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

I think its fine. I have 700 hours on PC and only play ranked, only been kicked out of maybe 3 games due to accidental team killings. And then it's a 15 minute ban.

Issue is, how do you fix it? Remove team killing? That would not work because watching your shots helps add to the tension and strategy of the game.

Also by removing the ban then you run in to the issue of team killers running rampant and just forcing everyone down to Copper 4.

Edit: forgot they changed the ban system. As one not gotten a TK. But those ban timers reset after a while so you shouldn't see more then 30 minutes ever, if you even see thst.

Skull521106d ago

There should be some obvious team killing punishment. If you're still setting up on defense it should auto ban. If you haven't moved beyond 20 meters of spawning as offense, auto ban.

NovusTerminus106d ago

Try to shoot a camera at spawn, instaban.
Try to shoot a drone, or open a wall up, instaban.

The TKing aspect on PC is not that bad, very rarely do I run into problems, that being said from what I hear the console versions have a rampant issue with it.

calle79106d ago

How about realy punishing those who teamkill. It doesnt happen to often but very anoying when u get in a game With those asshats that kils u right in the begining of a round. Im sure those fuckers does this often and should realy be punished or banned!

A hour or so punishment is nothing. Im sure those guys does it right before they log of and the punishment means nothing then. And if u acidentaly kill someone and they also se it after in the killcam, why WHY do they kill u in the NeXT round?! Nice way to loose a match for the entire team...

GameBoyColor105d ago

On pc i never really had a problem with tkers, but on ps4 i run into them like every other game, whether it be on my team or the enemy team. it's annoying and should really be punished more severely on console

calle79105d ago

I agree! Not as much a problem on PC but i only play on PS4 now. Permaban!