7 PS4 Games That Need Cross-Play

The walls have been broken down. Cross-play has come to the PlayStation 4. Fortnite is the first game to support the feature, letting people on the PlayStation 4 play with people on the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC, and mobile devices. But Fortnite is only the beginning. This is an opportunity. There are plenty of other games that could be more inclusive, and these seven could really also use cross-play.

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Welshy107d ago

I think the main reason we won't see it in big AAA titles though is that Sony and Microsoft pay alot of money on timed content deals. If we had it in Destiny 2 for example, players on the PS4 would have exclusive guns, armour, PVP maps and PVE strikes creating an unbalanced and split community. If you were to join a PS4/Xbone mixed fireteam and the PS4 exclusive map appeared in the cycle, you're either going to have your Xbone friend kicked out or the map will be excluded from the playlist and the PS4 player is losing access to their content, so neither side is going to be particularly happy.

Cross play is a nice extra to have, but i think the only things we NEED in big AAA titles are balance and stability. I appreciate the sentiment, but cross play is alot to ask of most developers.
The majority of publishers can't even put out a complete and functional game, to ask the likes of EA, Activision etc to impliment cross play as well, in the short term at least, will only lead to jenky, unbalanced online experiences.