Shadow of the Tomb Raider- Review - Jump Dash Roll

Lara Croft is back and checking her shadow to see if winter will be a long one or not. Unfortunately, it looks like it will be a long one... Jump Dash Roll wraps up tight and shimmies its way over to today's review.

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NeoGamer23214d ago

I have been on this game for a week and I like it a lot.

More focus on gathering, tombs, crypts, etc. Shouldn't be a 10/10, but 8-9 is about right. To me 7 is something reserved.

They gave Dark Souls remastered a 10/10. LOL. A 7 year old game with a cheap port to this gen of consoles... 10/10. A new game that improves the direction of Tomb Raider 7/10.