What is the Largest Open World in Gaming?

From Grand Theft Auto V to Final Fantasy XV, we explore the largest open worlds in video games.

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Geobros108d ago (Edited 108d ago )

I think Breath of the Wild is big too.

NecrumOddBoy108d ago

It's not too big. Its too empty.

Shiken107d ago

False, but whatever helps you sleep at night.

jznrpg106d ago

It is empty but it is suppose to be after the end of the world. I just wish the enemies were much more varied.

TekoIie106d ago (Edited 106d ago )


It's cool if you believe its empty. Just means you think AC, The Witcher 3, GTA, Horizon: ZD, Spiderman, Skyrim and Fallout are all empty. If you disagree please tell me all the things they filled every foot of their world with that BotW didn't in some way.

Bet no one will.

dillydadally106d ago

Wow, can someone explain why N4G is so anti-Nintendo? Anything bashing Nintendo or something related to Nintendo gets upvoted. I don't get it.

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TheEnigma313107d ago

It's a huge world, but can get boring.

Nintentional107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

I’m over 220 hours into that game, and I havent even started a new file yet, or even played any of the dlc. Zelda isn’t even my favorite Nintendo franchise, and there’s a few gripes I have with the game, but it’s never once been boring in my playthrough, dude. I’m curious as to what games you find entertaining if Breath of the Wild bores you lol

TheEnigma313106d ago

I never said the game bored me. I loved it. I meant the open world can sometimes get boring. It seem too open for no reason.

Lord_Sloth106d ago

Nintentional......Totally unbias source.

DJK1NG_Gaming106d ago

Its around the same size as Xenoblade Chronicles X just a tad bit smaller

bluefox755107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

If we're counting procedurally generated games, then NMS. Otherwise, probably an MMO.

staticall107d ago

Size doesn't matter, IMO. Like Ghost Recon Wildlands, world is really big, yes, but it's mostly dead and boring.

«What is the Most Interesting and Living Open World in Gaming» would be a better question

nommers107d ago

You’d have to go to seminlinear games or hub world games for that. Open world games plateau at a certain point because their openness starts to overtake each part of the world’s significance. Typically in open world games what you do is less important because everything around you is a pick and choose smorgasbord; with lesser interesting consequences than a more contained experience.

Prince-Ali107d ago

Yakuza strongly disagrees with you...

Imalwaysright107d ago (Edited 107d ago )

Imo it depends on how open world games are designed. If devs put focus on the world and make it as interactive as they can, give incentive to explore it and give the player choice and freedom then having an open world makes sense. If it the world is designed to just be a means to tell a story, is basically a map filled with a bunch of icons with little focus put into it and give you an illusion of freedom where devs tell you where to go and give you a list of things to do, then devs might as well stop wasting time and resources and make those games linear or hub based.

PhantomS42107d ago

Going to be Red Dead Redemption 2 in a few weeks if R* if they really keep the promises they've been talking about in the recent trailers. A lot of marketing over exaggerate how "alive" their open worlds are when most of them are dead which is a huge reason why I really don't care for open worlds anymore, it's more of a buzzword for marketing and a bullet point on the back of the box more than anything. R* is good with open worlds so I'm not doubting them to bring us back to the wild west.

eddie420107d ago

GTAV is one of the Best. I don't know the biggest.. But, The Crew games are quiet big. I only got the beta of Crew 2. But, the first Crew was Big. Driver San Francisco is also a big game and has amazing driving physics. We need Ubisoft to make another Driver.. Maybe Ps5.

Jrios355107d ago

It's talking about the largest open world games, not the best. And just because size doesn't matter, doesn't mean we can't admire the sheer size of it.

Z501107d ago

Glad they didn't forget XCX.

PhantomS42107d ago

The scale in that game still amazes me. Even in the mech you still feel dwarfed.

dimasok107d ago

And ppl were hyping up Odyssey map size... these games make it look pathetic!

spicelicka107d ago

Map size doesn't mean shit though. In fact, travelling through miles of repetitive areas for your next quest can be quite annoying.

dimasok107d ago

Examples? Preferrably from the ones in the article.

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