Nintendo Adding Three More Games To Switch Online NES Library Next Week

In case you missed it, the month of October is adding Solomon’s Key, NES Open Tournament Golf and Super Dodge Ball. Nintendo of America's Twitter account has now confirmed the games will become available on the October. Nintendo's Japanese YouTube channel has also uploaded a brief trailer to showcase the three Famicom games, which can be seen above.

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FallenAngel19841636d ago

So many NES games are such basic experiences it’s hard to find interest in this NESquik service

CyberSentinel1636d ago

Solomon’s Key is a deep and challenging
Puzzle/strategy game. I loved it as a kid.

DarXyde1636d ago

I second this.

I bought it again on the Wii and really enjoyed replaying it.

jaymacx1636d ago

Have you played Super Dodgeball? It is a lot of fun. I love the special move for certain players. I miss technos japan

DrumBeat1635d ago

Don't forget River City Ransom. Making totem poles with people, tires, boxes, etc. I must have played that game a thousand times as a kid.

jaymacx1635d ago

@DrumBeat I love River City Ransom. I only mentioned Super Dodgeball because that is what they are adding to the online service.

paintedgamer19841636d ago

I just want my virtual console on my switch... is that too much to ask for? We all know they can do it. So whats the hold up?

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Geobros1636d ago

Yeap I agree, I prefer Virtual Console system. I prefer to pay for game and to own it.

Zeref1636d ago

The problem with Switch online is...NOBODY wants to pay for this shit. They basically took features and put it behind a paywall and added literally nothing new except NES games that nobody Is willing to pay for.

Ol_Boy1636d ago

How about they add 3 more features instead.

1. Party chat

2. Messaging system.

3. Local back ups.

blawren41636d ago

I've never heard of those NES games. perhaps you are on the wrong article.

paintedgamer19841636d ago

I just think at this bare bones stage it should be free. Thats all

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paintedgamer19841636d ago

I actually wanted them to have a completely revamped nintendo online for a supposed 9th gen console. and what we got was a huge let down. I guess theres always next gen... in 2018 forward... an online has to at the very least match what others are doing and if not... it better be free... and its not and its not

blawren41636d ago

Not saying it is perfect nor am I defending it, as it does lack some features that many people want, but it functions well enough. You can play online, you can chat(regardless if you like how it works), cloud saves work well enough(splatoon should work though) and you are getting NES games, with promise of more to come(clearly from the article) claiming it should be free is both unreasonable and unfair for this price point. If they were charging $60/yr, it damn well better be comparable.

This is no different than people that talk about how underpowered the Switch is(despite the extremely small size) compared to the competition, but are completely unwilling to pay more than $299 for it.

Nintendo is just getting started and it will improve over time. the competitors have had years to collect $ and improve their services. Either get in on the ground floor or wait for that perfect service before you do, but ask yourself what features you would be willing to lose if Sony or MS reduced their services and started charging accordingly.

Darkspadev21636d ago

😂. Modders adding 100s

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The story is too old to be commented.