Spider-Man’s J. Jonah Jameson finds his true calling as a blustering right-wing podcaster

Swing through the New York of Sony’s new PlayStation 4 exclusive, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and you’ll soon learn that Peter Parker is constantly being assaulted by sound. Gunshots, police sirens, voicemails from the various aunts, bosses, and exes that he periodically disappoints—Pete’s life is rarely quiet, a constant low-level hum of responsibilities, great and small. But through the din, there’s one voice that cuts through the loudest, a braying, beautiful bellow of menace (or maybe “Menace!”) that’s never far from Spidey’s ears: that of his former employer, J. Jonah Jameson.

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CarlDechance14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

Except I don't recall any right-wing "conservative" rhetoric coming from Jameson in game. He could be a liberal left-wing nutjob for all we know about his political views.

NecrumOddBoy14d ago

Games media is super left and liberal so of course these are the type of Articles you get. I'm surprised this isn't from Kotaku.

JJJ has a beef with Spider-Man based on the story but there's no reason to believe he's right wing. I think they just say that because he kind of has the same rant flow as Rush Limbaugh. Or maybe there's some left biased ideal that being conservative means you talk a certain way, I don't know what is articles getting at.

ninsigma14d ago

I think they say he's conservative because he says positive things about the police force. That's a big no no in extreme left circles.

kneon14d ago

They say he's conservative because he sounds like all the right wing idiot blowhards, liberals don't sound like that.

CarlDechance14d ago

Well the bar is pretty low for calling anyone a "blustering right-wing podcaster" in that case. Frankly, I think it is idiotic and sounds like crap you hear from people who have their head stuck in the bullshit world of politics far too much.

Eonjay14d ago

Right wing is a tactic of using disinformation and fear. It is not a belief system. Anything can have a right wing as long as it is loud, obnoxious, and robs people of the truth. People act like only conservatives can be right wing and that is a lie.

rainslacker14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

In the overall Spider-Man universe, he's the kind of guy who is contrarian to any side that gets him flashy headlines to sell papers. The exception will be when it's something of personal importance to him, but they didn't show that too often in the comics that I can recall.

Also, JJJ was ranting long before Limbaugh came along.:)


I think nowadays, the whole "left wing liberal", and "right wing conservative"...both often appended with the word nutjob, is just an easy out for those that don't wish to look at the perspective of the other side, and can use it to completely dismiss whatever the other person is saying so they don't have to bring up counter points which are salient or relevant.

We see this kind of attitiude on here every day, as its pretty common for any and all argument, no matter how sound, to have an attempt to discredit the argument with just calling the poster a fan boy of the opposing console, all while not actually addressing points, typically bringing up other topics, and then calling the poster a hypocrite because of those other points.

Sadly, I think 95% of regular posters on this site have probably fallen into this trap at some point.

"Literally yelling at people to fool them into thinking you have a point."

That's kind of how both "sides" do it though, and I think a lot of people do this even if they don't fall cleanly into one category....which would be the case for the majority of the people, since the majority aren't actually that black and white in their perspectives.

Then the new thing seems to be putting fact after a statement as if that somehow makes it a fact, which really only shows they have no understanding of basic English grammar, because when listing such things, it's considered appropriate to put fact or opinion before the statement....although it's sometimes used in journalism to put the subject first....or list your facts in sequence according to MLA handbook....but I digress.

Eonjay13d ago


Correct. Far left is just another term for 'extremist.' Far right is just another name for 'scam.'
The political spectrum is better off without either. You can have a moderate liberal or moderate conservative which both mean 'normal'.

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Eonjay14d ago

Conservative and right wing are two different things. Anytime you seek to control someone through fear and misappropriated hate in an effort to distract them from what could really be making their lives better, it is right wing. Right wing is about using people fear to keep them from doing anything but serving some rich masters. Conspiracy theories, fear of everything. Loud mouth. Literally yelling at people to fool them into thinking you have a point.

Vizigoth0414d ago

Exactly, there is not one political pull for this at all. This is about a Super hero and Villains and the story they share with common people. Jonah Jameson is just an idiot. Although I do appreciate the jab at the barista with a man-bun comment. It's absolutely true.

Doge14d ago (Edited 14d ago )

It suits his character well, and the in-game tweets railing his ass are just too damn funny LOL.

Good shit Insomniac 👌🏼

rainslacker14d ago

JJJ was always portrayed as the extremist view journalist. This was long before it became commonplace with the advent of the 24 hour news medium, and social media which made reactionary news more important than real journalism, or journalistic integrity and public discourse.

He was always a metaphor that there are people of self-importance who will always try to influence our attitudes, and instead of paying attention to them, we should look at what we know, and use critical thought to come to our own conclusion.

Many comics are chock full of all sorts of allegorical metaphors to try and represent aspects of society that we'd rather not face, and in doing so, often influence us on their own with their own ideals....which is really how society and culture is formed in the first place.

Keltech14d ago

Well he makes up conspiracy theories so i could understand why he's being called a blustering right-wing podcaster.

CarlDechance14d ago

You think some left wing liberals don’t make up conspiracy theories?

LucasRuinedChildhood13d ago

To be fair, the right wing definitely flirts with conspiracy theories much more than the left. If we're being honest, there is no left wing equivalent of Alex Jones or Rush Limbaugh.

CarlDechance13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

Sure there is

Not as popular, but they do exist.

NecrumOddBoy13d ago

If you want a clear example of conspiracies made up by left-wing liberals then just look at the Judge Kavanaugh confirmation.

I also agree that The Young Turks is a far left insane ranting podcast group.

where would we file Bill Maher under all this? He's liberal but he also goes after everyone.

LucasRuinedChildhood13d ago

You really believe that TYTs are conspiracy theorists and that they are roughly the left wing equivalent of Alex Jones? I'm not a huge fan of TYT but to be fair to them, they've helped to push Amazon to increase their minimum wage to $15 per hour. You may not like their opinions but they did something to help the average American and their main aim is to get money (large corporate donations) out of politics.

By comparison, Alex Jones is the man who said that Obama was going to nuke Washington and establish himself as the king of America with no term limits and he recently said that he hopes God will have mercy on him and his children and that he's ready to die. Sorry lads but you need to grow up a bit. "Facts don't care about your feelings". Saying, "Not as popular, but they do exist," doesn't make much sense considering the fact that Alex has a far smaller viewership. But sure, facts be damned.

Keltech8d ago

Like Lucas said, you have no proof or equivalency to what the alt-right does. But good try

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rainslacker14d ago

For everything that the right wing or left wing gets accused of doing to impress their ideals on others, the same exact thing could be said about the other side Even if people fall in the middle with their beliefs, or don't care either way, they can be said to do the same.

Such actions are not insular to any one group.

Using an allegory, just look at this site. Fanboys of either side like to say that the other side does something with a regularity that is persistent and annoying. This ignores that they do the same thing, and are called out for the same thing.

It's really no different, and just leads to a degradation of the actual discourse that can be had.

Garrett_the_GOD14d ago

Right-wing??I platinumed the game and never once heard him say anything that could really be considered right-wing...ijs..if you're going to be a "journalist" atleast learn the meaning of the words you choose to use

Smokehouse13d ago

Right, same here. I think he’s just super defensive about “his city”. One example that comes to mind was a side mission when Spider-Man fixed the water towers and JJJ came on saying that Spider-Man was seen messing with the water supply, he broke it and then fixed it to look heroic and it was all true lol. You did mess up the water supply on accident and then fixed it.

He exaggerates but it’s not completely false either, you can see why he would think that. It was a well written character and I never thought about his political leanings. Old school democrats and republicans had the same fundamentals, it’s not like today where the moderate left is considered right wing. JJJ is middle of the road. An old school New York democrat for sure.

Smokehouse13d ago

I think he’s a mixture. At one point he’s a likeable guy so he can’t be a left winger. And then sometimes he cries hysterically so he probably is. I dunno.