Why there won’t be a 'Minecraft 2,' according to the people in charge of 'Minecraft'

Nearly 100 million people are playing “Minecraft” every month, and over 150 million copies of the game have been sold. It’s the second highest-selling game of all time, just below “Tetris.”

With all that success, it’s fair to assume that Microsoft might be interested in churning out sequels – the lifeblood of the entertainment industry. After all, Microsoft paid US $2.5 billion for “Minecraft.” It’s realistic to expect new games from a property that cost so much to buy.

Not so, says Microsoft.

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Apocalypse Shadow48d ago (Edited 48d ago )

Microsoft wasn't concerned with what the developer could come up with beyond Minecraft. Only the annual and quarterly profits and revenue the developer could bring in from being on multiple devices. Good business move. Not so much a great acquisition for anything else they might want to make until the game loses its legs when gamers eventually move on to something else.

Maybe a mixed reality version in the future for PC, Mobile VR, Stand Alone VR, Hololens Two and Xbox Two. That's about it.

CyberSentinel48d ago

I don’t know why you got disagrees, for telling the apparent truth.

47d ago
CyberSentinel47d ago


Has Microsoft commissioned any other game from Mojang, since they acquired them? Why do you suppose that is??

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gangsta_red47d ago

The game continues making millions (probably a day) and the concern is what else is this developer doing?

Makes no sense.

343_Guilty_Spark48d ago

Why does Minecraft need a new version? What would a new version serve to do that continuing updates wouldn’t?

Cobra95147d ago

Right. I think it's as simple as that.

47d ago
-volt-41d ago

Ah Minecraft.... The greatest 1 hit wonder ever.