The ‘Spider-Man’ Game Is Marvel’s Best Spidey Movie

Noel Ransome: "From the movies to the comic books, no Spider-Man adaptation has ever made me cry like this game has. That means something."

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Hardiman14d ago

Absolutely and I love this character and the world in which Spidey lives! I've been a comic reader since the 80's and Insomniac's take on the material is by far my favorite!

At times I was excited with the combat or lost in the effortless swinging or on the edge of my seat anticipating what would happen next and at others I had tears in my eyes!

For me it's simply my absolute favorite version of Spider-Man ! I so cannot wait to see where the sequel goes and what characters show up!

PlatinumKing198214d ago

I agree this version of Spiderman/Peter Parker and co are way better than any movie and comic versions in my opinion.

-Foxtrot14d ago

Yeah it was better then Spiderman Homecoming for me. This version of Spiderman was funnier with better one liners he spoke with confidence unlike Tom Holland, Aunt May felt like an actual wise, caring Aunt not typical mother, Bens legacy was touched upon more, they respected the characters, didn’t change too much of them and he wasn’t Tony Stark’s lap dog, he was smart enough to make his own way.