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XBA says: Easily the best in the series by far, Forza Horizon 4 has finally arrived.

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DigitalRaptor16d ago

9.9 lol

Just give it 10/10 for heaven's sake!

Kumakai15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

lol seriously.

"ok we just added one more event and a new car color"
"great. now we can give you a perfect 10. those 2 inconsequential items were really holding us back from a perfect score"

Gaming4Life198115d ago

This is the best arcade racing racing game I've ever played. I cannot stop playing lol.

King_Noctis15d ago

There are just so many things to do in this game. The replayability is almost limitless at this point, especially if we add in online play.

Kumakai15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

it is definitely the best in the Horizon series.... and holy sh!t does it look amazing on the One X. The lighting is so crazy realistic (in HDR) and dynamic cube mapping for the win (on the One X and PC).

I prefer the new locale to FH3's Australia as well. Not that Australia wasn't good but the environments in 4 are just gorgeous. The physics even feel a bit different than 3. Maybe thats just me but i feel like if you turn all of the assists off and set the steering to sim (which is what i do on all of the Horizon games), 4 feels a lot less forgiving. This is a win in my book as i prefer getting as close to sim as possible. don't get me wrong, its def not as crazy as PCars2, but its probably somewhere above DriveClub but less than PCars2 in terms of physics.

ZXCPCA50015d ago

It's an amazing looking game and at 60fps it's the most fluid arcade racer I've played on console. This and FM7 are unrivalled on Xbox.

mcstorm15d ago

I agree turn 10 and PG are showing the way for Xbox racing fans.

Love to see them rest the games for 2 years now and give us a new type of racing game. Like what I don't know haha.

Gaming4Life198115d ago

I know right that's why I cant put it down, the graphics are so good on the x. I am playing in 4k 30fps mode and haven't tried the other mode yet.

ZXCPCA50015d ago

I can't go back to that mode after playing silky smooth 60fps.

BenRC0115d ago

1080p is fugly though. 4k looks stunning.

Sm00thNinja15d ago

Game is just about perfect.

CarlDechance15d ago

Game looks amazing on my PC. 4K and a SOLID 60 FPS on high settings. FPS dips to high 50s on Ultra, but hell if I can see the difference. I'll just stick with high and take in all the 60 FPS goodness. :-)

DARK_FOX15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

What card are you running? I’m have a gtx 1080 running everything on 4k at 60fps! The game looks amazing on PC!

CarlDechance15d ago (Edited 15d ago )

Yep. Same card as you. 1080. Runs awesome.

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