A serious intellectual discussion about Bowsette

Bowsette is not the first Rule #63 version of Bowser to exist. You can search out those pictures at your own risk. So the question still remains, why is this particular incarnation of Rule #63 Bowser so compelling?

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wonderfulmonkeyman46d ago

Because both he and Mario got rejected so this is better than nothing?XD

Cobra95145d ago

Gender-bent Bowser? Seriously? That female character doesn't begin to resemble an overgrown koopa. I thought she was some sort of genetic cross.

Smokehouse45d ago

Cosplayers like it because the crown turns anybody into slutty peach. I saw “boozette” too, the ghost slutty peach. When internet runs with things they go full sprint lol. I think that sums it up.

meka261145d ago

Give it another week or two and this will be forgotten and the next trend will take over.