Six Great Games To Get You Into The Halloween Spirit

October-time has come again and I’m looking forward to one of the best nights of the year, Halloween! Yes, Pumpkin Spice Lattes and AAA games are everywhere, but don’t forget to get into the Halloween spirit with some quality horror titles. Here are six games we have hand-picked to get you into the Halloween mood. …

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PhantomS42112d ago

Who needs help getting into the Halloween Spirit? Definitely feeling an Until Dawn and Resident Evil 7 playthrough coming up.

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FunAndGun112d ago

Costume Quest is the most "Halloween" game I have ever played. It's cute, for all ages, doesn't have blood, but it is Halloween through and through. It might suprise you!

jimbost79112d ago

Was gonna say costume quest! Loved the 1st one. Is the second one "halloweeny" do you know?

FunAndGun111d ago

Yes, I played the second one, although I didn't finish it. Not because I didn't enjoy it, just too many games too little time. It is definitely like the first, and they improved the combat. If you liked the first, I would say check it out. The first one just was special and with a sequel it's hard to capture that feeling because you played the formula before.

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sonicsidewinder112d ago

Let's get spoookeeyyy.

Naturally interested to see how Call of Cthulhu will be received, having played Dark Corners of the Earth way back.

THAT was scary. And I don't recall there having been anything quite like it. And to that you could say it also laid the groundwork for Penumbra, Amnesia, Outlast and so on.

There's been so many psychological FPS Horrors since then, and not to mention the general boom of First Person "Exploration" games, it'll be difficult for it to stand out.

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Casepb111d ago

Always enjoy playing some Dead Space.