Minecraft still has more monthly players than Fortnite

Fortnite has nearly 80 million players logging in to be the last man standing every month, which is a phenomenal number of people playing a single game. You’d imagine, with those numbers, that it’d be the biggest game in the world. It’s not though; Minecraft is still unfathomably popular, drawing in over 90 million active players every month. With over 150 million copies sold over the years, it’s the second best-selling game ever, coming in just after Tetris.

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DarkVoyager43d ago (Edited 43d ago )

Where that at? Because they sure aren’t on Twitch or YouTube. Did it just become less popular far as streaming goes?

Switch4One43d ago

One would think so. It's 4 years old after all.

lxeasy43d ago

I'm not surprised Minecraft has more players. It's a juggernaut.

OMGitzThatGuy42d ago

Teens aren't playing Minecraft, children are the minority on Twitch, and most streamers who aren't chasing broke kids won't play it. You have to draw in viewers with money, and kids are not that.

Muckspread42d ago

Not everyone streams or uploads to YouTube. Big surprise I know.

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Kribwalker43d ago

Minecraft is looking more and more like a good investment on MS part.

lxeasy43d ago

It was definitely a smart investment. And the fact that MS us keeping it on multiple platforms is wise. They released it for the switch. I wouldn't be surprised if it makes it's way to next gen consoles as well.

SuperSonic9142d ago (Edited 42d ago )

$2.5 B easily recouped
No sweat for MS
Proof that Xbox ain't goin' anywhere soon a fact some people can't accept

This keeps Sony on its toes chooglin' them great exclusives.

AizenSosuke42d ago

I can't wait for Fortnite to be number 1

AizenSosuke42d ago

Hell yes builds competition aiming to improve a product my friend ;)

PhantomS4242d ago

Lesser of two evils I suppose.

lxeasy42d ago

how is minecraft evil??? the things some you put on n4g lmaol

PhantomS4242d ago

Lego ripoff that acts as if it invented the idea of stacking blocks on top of each other. Terrible art style too. But it's not Fortnite, literal garbage.

ImGumbyDammit42d ago (Edited 42d ago )

@PhatomS42 I didn't know Legos was originally a computer product? I do know there was this thing called blocks that has existed for at least 100 years or more before a Lego came around. Heck Lincoln Logs and Errector sets (1912) long predated that ripoff called Legos (1930's). All kidding aside Legos is actually a 100% ripoff of an actual product called Kidcraft blocks (an exact copy of not a sort of looks like but, 100% the same thing - every little detail). Kidcraft was created 10 yeas before Legos.

King_Noctis42d ago


Who claimed that it invented “stacking block”?

lxeasy42d ago

Yeah i'm just gonna sit back and let everyone else tear you apart lmaol

PhantomS4242d ago

6-year-olds upset by truth like I give a crap what they think.

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The story is too old to be commented.