5 Incredible, Tiny Details You Might Have Missed in Forza Horizon 4

Forza Horizon 4 looks absolutely stunning no matter where you look. But here are five incredible, tiny details you might have missed while you were playing.

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2ndhandcorn14d ago

Needs more music some hard rock , metal and classic rock maybe some 80s chart tunes , at present i turn that synthetic crap off have done the whole series.

hennessey8614d ago

The detail is incredible, every building has a 3D interior.

rakentaja14d ago

Glowing brake discs are actually completely false info in Forza series. I heard that only ceramic discs glow like that but in Forza games, every single disc in glowing. I deeply doubt that, each car has ceramic discs. It only looks cool but not based on real-world information.

Bigpappy13d ago

Its not a sim. it’s supposed to look better than reality.

rakentaja13d ago

They certainly trying to be more than a arcade racer but some things probably will never get right in this game, popping exhaust flames every 2 second is another thing to bring out.