Autodesk to acquire Softimage

GI.Biz writes: "Autodesk has announced that it has reached a deal with Avid to acquire substantially all of the assets of the Softimage business unit for USD 35 million.

Montreal-based Softimage is best known for its XSI range 3D animation tools, used by Ubisoft and Capcom among others, and Autodesk has confirmed that it will continue development on a number of titles, while also integrating some technology into its own products in the future."

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Narutone664274d ago

the EA of the cad world. They also acquired Maya, which is a great software, for those who know what it does. Too bad the prices of these softwares (3D Max, Maya, Softimage) are beyond the budget of the casual users. Add to that the steep learning curve for these softwares are some of the reasons why it's a niche market.