PS Store Sale for the Week Is the “EA Sale” and It’s Now Live, Here Are the Deals

This week’s PS Store sale is all about EA titles, which is a good thing for fans of EA’s slate of games.

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Retroman267d ago

Nope, I'm sorry Ea most of your games saturated with MT
Sorry Charlie.

Retroman265d ago

Sorry C-H-E-F
I no longer own any Ea games.
one's I did own was Need for Speed . now loot boxes and MT filled with it I stopped buying Ea products.

dsammy04267d ago

I'll take that Unravel 2, really enjoyed the first game was waiting to catch it on sale, hopefully I can beat it before RDR2.

letsa_go266d ago

I'd consider Need for Speed Payback if it was a physical copy so I can sell it after I play through it.

william_cade266d ago

Wow - shit is for sale - not free - for sale.

266d ago
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