10 Flawed and Underrated Games that You Need to Play

Making video games is a tough business, and the games that manage to get perfect scores are few. Factor in the sales and you’ve got an uphill task of paying back debts, the employees and other tech involved in the development process.

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shammgod111d ago

Dragons dogma is one of my fav games. Can't believe they did an online without doing a sequel

Fist4achin111d ago

Im glad to see the list go back to some last generation hidden gems. I liked binary domain. Im a sega nut.

AK91111d ago

I disagree with We Happy Few and Deadly Premonition but other than that fantastic list.

Imortus_san111d ago

2h of Mad Max the rest never touched them.

Lexreborn2107d ago

Aside from a few glitches I thought Mafia 3 was awesome. Combat was brutal, had pretty cool story progression in racketeering and expanding the bases was a good time. I still need to finish the DLC which I heard is awesome.